Is this what you wanted?

This is a brain storm of feelings pushed into one. About one girl who finds herself in an average teenagers place a tale of love and anxiety we have all been in this place once.


2. Next lesson

My next lesson and you were in it, for some reason you always seemed to talk to me more or harass me in this lesson, you stupid stupid idiot.

"ok now you and Lucy can work together". I still remember that time when we got paired up we became really close, I know it sounds stupid , you sat on my chair and tickled me you playfight with me and all sorts. I could always tell you my darkest deepest secrets but not this time.


We were best friends but  I wanted to be more. I should have known. When you looked into my eyes and held my hand tight, I really should have known but no because I'm a fool for you, when you held me tight and muttered to me... I really should have known this was all a lie...


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