Keep Coming Around

He keeps coming back. When I'm at the store, he's there. When I'm at a friends house, he's across the road at his aunty's. I think he might be stalking me, but he says he just loves me so much he has to be there. I do still love him, but he hits me...


1. Flash Back


" Get out!!!" I screamed.

"Hayley, I'm so sorry. I still love you," Jake plead. I pushed him backwards, towards the door.

"I don't love you anymore. Look at all my bruises. Look what you've done!!" I screamed, showing him my bruises.

"I'll change, I promise," he said with pleading eyes. I softened, but then regained my anger.

"You always say that. Take your stuff and just leave!" I threw his clothes and him.

I started to cry. He does this every time I tell him to leave. But I always forgive him. This time it's different.

"If you love me, then you'll leave," I looked him straight in the eye. He sighed and walked out the door, slamming it shut. 

I locked the door, in case he came back. I lay against the door and started to cry lightly. Then I heard crying in the back round, from Layla.

I slowly stood up and went to the baby. I cuddled her back to sleep. I thought I heard the door open, but I let it slide.


Then I felt a sharp pain in my back. Blood rushed to the floor, and I fell.


Before I finally passed out, I saw Jake.

" That's for breaking up with me,"




Hi! I hope you like it, I know this chapter is a bit short but the next one will be longer. Ill be updating every day. :-)

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