Daughter To Famous

Esther Gunner, the only daughter to famous Rockstar Enoch Gunner, lead singer of Devil Five, has decided to write down her life so that people read it and figure out that it isn't as simple and easy as the movies picture it.

Follow Esther as she narrates you, the story of her life.

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2. Chapter Two


“Esther, I swear to God that if you don’t get up right now, I will throw a bucket of ice at you.” Carl warned as he pulled my covers off.

“What do you want Carl?” I questioned rubbing my eyes. “I’m sleeping and there is nothing to do today.”

“Nothing to do?” Carl mocked. “You didn’t forget about the charity concert Devil Five is having today.”

“Oh fuck.” I exclaimed throwing Carl a pillow. “How much time do I have?”

“Forty minutes.” Carl said. “Hurry up.”

“I will.” I said and got out of bed.


How on earth could I have forgotten about the charity concert? Devil Five has one every month, and it is a tradition that the Devil Five kids, that meaning us, have to perform whilst the real Devil Five is changing wardrobe. 


I ran to the bathroom, and took a quick bath and changed to the first thing I found, it didn’t matter as they always gave us cloth for the concert. 


When I was ready I ran out of my room, managing to trip and roll down the stairs only to stop right in front of my dad. 


“Good morning Esther.” My father said. 

“Dad.” I smiled standing up. “Why was Carl in my room earlier?”

“He said he was going to wake you up.” My dad replied. “Hurry up with breakfast, we have a concert to attend.” 

“Sure dude.” I said and ran to the kitchen only to find, everyone here, and literally, everyone. 



I’m going to take this time to describe each one of the people that surround my life the most. My father, Devil Five, the Devil Five Kids, Caleb and Collin George, the manager, personal assistant and the personal bodyguard. Shall we start?


Enoch Gunner: He owns an amazing dark brown hair, gorgeous green eyes, and a perfectly slim body. My father, as you know, is the lead singer to Devil Five, but he also knows how to play the guitar, bass, and violin. 


Ralph Hurst: Devil’s Five manager. He’s got some curly black hair, hazel eyes, and the most amazing british accent someone could ever ask for. 


Bryan Johnson: The personal assistant of the Gunner (my dad and I) He’s got some wavy brown hair and some nice sea blue eyes. He’s got the surfer look, but the dude hates water…


Mike ‘The Tank’: Personal Bodyguard to Enoch and Esther Gunner. He’s got the typical ‘bad boy who can break your neck with his eyes’ look, short spiked black hair, dark brown eyes, and the buffed body, that could carry me around.


Caleb George, The typical LA boy. Green eyes, blond hair, tanned skin. He’s the guitarist and backup singer for Dream Killer. When he isn’t at school, or practicing, he’s out not he street skating. (17 years old.)


Collin George: He’s the same tanned skin, and green eyes as his brother, though he’s got golden hair, which looks awesome when he sings. He’s the lead singer of Dream Killer, and he practices Surfing with me. (19 years old.)


Guile Michaelson: Guitar player, and backup singer for Devil Five. He’s got brown hair, dark green eyes, and a funny beer tummy. 


Carl Michaelson: He’s got the same brown hair as his father, the hazel eyes from his mother, tanned skin, and a very well defined body. He plays the guitar and sings just like his father. (20 years old.)


Robert Michaelson: (1/2 of the twins) Just like his father, he has brown hair, dark green eyes, and like his brother he’s got the tanned skin, and a slim body. He plays the guitar and drums. (18 years old.)


Carl Rhodes: (known as Rhodes) Drummer player and backup singer to Devil Five. has a pitch black hair, pale skin, and bright blue eyes. 


Ethan Rhodes: (1/2 to Devil Twins) Taking the same characteristics as his father, he has pitch black hair, pale skin and bright blue eyes, making him a cute little boy. (5 years old.)


Ducky Rouge: Bass player, and back up vocals for Devil Five. Black hair, brown eyes, and fair skin. 


Peter Rouge: (1/2 to Devil Twins) Just like his father, he’s got the black hair and fair skin, taking the hazel eyes from his mother. (5 years old.)


Gordon Michaelson:(Brother to Guile Michaelson) Piano player and backup vocals to Devil Five. Light brown hair, sea green eyes, and tanned skin. 


Blaze Michaelson: Dark brown hair, green eyes, tanned skin, and a well-defined body. Plays the piano just like his father and sings once in while. (19 years old.)


Hunter Michaelson: (1/2 to Twins) Just like his father, light brown hair, sea green eyes, tanned skin and a slim body. He plays the bass and piano. (18 years old.)


And finally moi, the person writing this boring story…


Esther Gunner: Daughter to rock star Enoch Gunner. Black long curly/wavy hair until her lower back, gray/green/blue eyes (a pretty weird mixture, but cool.) Music prodigy, knows how to play the piano, guitar, bass, drums and violin, who also sings. Surfer champion and skater pro. (17 years old.)


Let’s leave that the descriptions I’m using, are the ones I find on the magazines or internet.



“Is everyone ready?” Ralph asked as he entered the kitchen.

“I think.” Guile replied. “Are the wives going to come?”

“They will meet us there.” Ducky replied. “With the Devil Twins.”

“I knew people was missing.” I mumbled.

“Let’s go to the arena then.” Rhodes said. “The sooner we are there, the more the Little Devil Five can practice.”

“Do you guys have the songs we are going to perform?” Hunter asked.

“Yes.” Ralph replied. “Mike, is going to take you teens to the arena, he has the song list.”

“Are the young ones ready?” Mike asked entering the kitchen.

“Has anyone seen my phone?” I asked.

“I have it.” Blaze replied. “Left it yesterday by the pool.”

“Oh, thanks.” I replied. “Let’s go then.”


Hunter, Blaze, Carl, Robert, and I follow Mike to the limo that was going to take us to the arena. The tradition of the kids singing whilst Devil Five changed wardrobe started thanks to me. When I was younger, my father and the rest of the band would go and change cloth, leaving a time for break so that the fans could go to the bathroom, buy food and such, but one night, when I had just finished learning how to read and write (I was about four) I managed to escape from Ralph and Mike, and made my way to the stage and started reading what I had just written, as time passed the other kids started joining me, whenever they were on tour.


“You are going to be doing covers from the last album.” Mike explained.

“Aren’t they singing from all the albums?” Blaze questioned.

“Yes.” Mike replied. “But you are doing covers as well.”

“Ignore him Mike.” Carl said. “Which songs are we supposed to cover?

“Devil Soul, Set of Five, Angel Wings, and Crown.” Mike replied. 

“Set of Five.” Robert laughed. “I remember when they wrote that song.”

“Yeah.” I laughed. “They didn’t want us to hear it.” 

“And yet, we managed to learn it before they released it.” Hunter added. 

“Good old times.” Carl laughed. “Now, who’s playing what?”

“I think we should stick to our better known instrument or ability.” Robert suggested.

“So, I guess I’m stuck with singing?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Carl replied. “I’m on guitar.”

“Drums here.” Robert replied. “Do the Devil Twins know how to play any instrument?”

“I don’t think so.” I replied. “But I mean, they don’t need too.”

“Weird.” Carl replied. “When Esther was their age, she could already play the violin, guitar and bass.”

“Man, you make me sound like a complete nerd.” I laughed.

“I’m with the bass.” Hunter said. 

“And I get the piano.” Blaze replied. “Carl, are you sure that you can keep up with the guitar solo in Devil Soul, that shit is completely hard, even on Guitar Hero, you struggle there.”

“I was going to ask Esther to help me out.” Carl said. “I’m not as good as she is, but she has the voice from all of us.”

“You describe me like if I were some sort of prodigy.” I replied. “Carl I’m sure that you are more than capable to do the solo. I know it is hard, but have some faith in you.”

“Not trying to butt in the conversation,” Mike said. “But we are here, and Esther, I think you should help.”

“Ugh!” I exclaimed. “Fine.” I replied rolling my eyes. “You are singing with me in that song Carl.”

“I love you princess.” Carl smiled.



The Devil Five kids, walk out of the car and walked over to the arena, waving to the fans that were outside the barrier, they shouted and snapped some pictures but nothing more, I mean, we weren’t the real deal. I was walking behind all the boys, and when we were about to enter, the screams got louder, and the barrier started shaking, we all turned around and saw that Devil Five was coming out of their own limo. We all nodded out ourselves and walked over to stand beside our family, or in my case, my father. 


Security quickly took a hold of us, and made us enter the backstage. Once there, people scurried around, shouting orders, taking people to different rooms so that could get ready, and such. I felt someone grab a hold of my bicep, and saw that Blaze was holding me with a smile. I nodded at him and we walked to the dressing room that pointed out our names. As we entered, two different people pulled us to different chairs, and started working in our hair, make-up and everything else.



How cool is that? Huh? Don’t you think that it is incredibly awesome how I have to pretend to be my father and sing in every charity concert, when someone gets sick, or when he feels like it? The benefits (sarcasm here). I dislike being on the spotlight, more specifically, my dad’s spotlight, as in gossip rumors and stuff. I guess it is my fault, that I am stuck with this for life, but come on, my dad should understand that sometimes I don’t want to do something.



“Esther?” Blaze asked. 

“Yeah?” I replied looking at him. His dark brown combed to a side, making him look like the good boy he will never be…

“Do you know if we have to match?” Blaze asked.

“I don’t think so.” I replied. “Wait, us match or match our parents?”

“Our parents.” Blaze replied.

“Beats me.” I said. “I’m gonna call my dad and ask him about-" I was cut off by Ralph entering the room.

“Blaze.” Ralph said and Blaze nodded. “I need you to dress like you father, we are matching today.”

“Oh please no!” I whined. “I really don’t want to use leather pants.” Blaze smirked and I shoot him a look.

“You actually have two options.” Ralph said and I motioned him to go on. “You can either wear the same exact outfit as your father, or wear this leather dress.” He added showing me, a short leather dress, it was quite simple, yet it wasn’t my style, and it would never be.

“Hell I’m sticking with the same outfit.” I replied. “That thing is awful!”

“Hurry up then.” Ralph said. “The others are waiting.”



So let’s see. What do you think about this now? Do you still think that my life is easy? Do you? Okay, maybe I haven’t gotten to the part in which I almost get killed by paps and fans, not that it matters. 


Just wait, my life gets more interesting by the minute…

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