Daughter To Famous

Esther Gunner, the only daughter to famous Rockstar Enoch Gunner, lead singer of Devil Five, has decided to write down her life so that people read it and figure out that it isn't as simple and easy as the movies picture it.

Follow Esther as she narrates you, the story of her life.

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12. Chapter Twelve


I shouted running away from my father and the super soaker he had in hand. I ducked and rolled underneath the tour bus, crawled and got away from him. I couldn’t stop laughing, when I got to the faucet, I opened it and recharged my super soaker. 


“ESTHER GUNNER!” I heard a group of people shouting at the fence.

“Hi?” I furrowed my eyebrows as I closed the faucet. “May I help you?”

“We have a few questions.” One of the dudes said. 

“I’m sorry.” I smiled. “But I have umm some business to finish.” I added and turned around. 

“ESTHER?!” My father shouted and I smiled. 


I have him on the view. He stopped in the middle of the parking lot and I aimed at him. 


“NO MERCY!” I shouted as I shot him with the water gun. 

“No!” My father shouted and laughed as he tried to seek cover by running towards the entrance of the stadium. 

“Come back here and fight like a man!” I shouted as I ran behind him. 

“BACKUP!” My father shouted and Devil Five came out of the stadium.

“NOT FAIR!” I shouted laughing. “HELP! HELP! LITTLE DEVILS!” I shouted and all the Devil kids came out with their own super soakers and water balloons.

“FIGHT!” We all shouted laughing. 


This are one of the few things I do enjoy about being ‘famous’, and it is the fact that we can be childish but it won’t matter, because you have a whole family to be childish with.




I woke up from the most weird dream, but to make this more interesting, I woke up with a massive hangover. My head hurt like a bitch and I had no idea what happened last night. Last thing I remember was my dad saying that I was allowed to drink, ONLY if I drank as much as he could.


And now, I’m with a fucking hangover.


“Esther?” Blaze knocked on the wall. 

“What?” I questioned placing a pillow over my head. 

“How are you feeling?” Blaze questioned.

“Like shit.” I answered. “My head hurts like fuck, and I have no memory of last night.”

“You drank next to your father.” Blaze chuckled. “And I brought you some pills.”

“Thank you.” I answered sitting down. “I didn’t do anything stupid right?”

“No…” Blaze said unsure. 

“Oh shit.” I rolled my eyes. “What did I do?”


Blaze sat down next to me and turned on the small TV on the wall of my bunk.


“Yesterday night, Devil Five had a blast at their part concert event. It seems that even Esther had lots of funs next to her father. She also confessed to us, something we all expected but weren’t aware of.

I’M DATING BLAZE! Esther Gunner shouted at the top of her lungs. What does Enoch think about this?-“


I turned the TV off and threw the duvet on top of me. This certainty wasn’t the best of days. I grabbed my phone and went to twitter only to find out that people were happy about me and Blaze finally accepting that we were in love, but some others were telling me that it was stupid, and that I was just going to break up Devil Five. 

I felt Blaze’s hand rubbing my back. I needed to see my father and tell him to never let me drink as much as he does, that man surely knows how to drink.


I cuddled with Blaze and before I even knew it, I was back in the land of dreams. I was in such a slumber, that a gigantic crew of cameras and reporters could burst into the tour bus and I wouldn’t even care, HELL, fans could enter and I wouldn’t even realize it.




“I never thought she was capable of drinking that much.” I heard my father said.

“Enoch.” Ducky sighed. “You told the girl that is she wanted to drink, she had to drink as much as you did.”

“And like every teenager.” Rhodes continued. “She wanted to drink.”

“And so she drank as you did.” Gordon finished. 

“You’ve got to give her some credit.” Guile stated. “The only crazy thing she did was tell the world she is dating Blaze.”


I grunted and I heard Blaze chuckle. I opened my eyes and stared at him, how can somebody be so damn beautiful? I nudged him and got out of my bunk bed and made my way to the living room where everyone was gathered. 


“I’m still alive.” I laughed. 

“I can see that.” My father rolled his eyes. “It was about time.”

“What time is it?” I rubbed my eyes. 

“Four.” Ducky answered.

“Aww shit.” I replied. “I missed the re-run of the party.”

“There was going to be a re-run of the party?” Ralph questioned. 

“That’s what twitter said.” I shrugged. “Let’s see if it was true.”


I changed channels until we were on E!News and lucky us, the re-runs were just starting. We all gathered on the small couch and managed to fit as we laughed our asses off at the scenes.



You know, I keep telling all of you that this life isn’t good, but truth is, that even though it isn’t, it’s still the best!

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