Daughter To Famous

Esther Gunner, the only daughter to famous Rockstar Enoch Gunner, lead singer of Devil Five, has decided to write down her life so that people read it and figure out that it isn't as simple and easy as the movies picture it.

Follow Esther as she narrates you, the story of her life.

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14. Chapter Fourteen



I was standing right in front of the tour bus, my back to it and my luggage next to me. I was going back home and there was no one who was going to stop me. Not even Blaze. I had enough of my father accusations and people expecting me to become the person I don’t want to be.


The only problem is that when I go back home I have no one to go to. Collin moved with his mother to New Jersey, and I was all alone in Los Angeles as the whole Devil Five Family was going to stay in Europe. 


 I let out a sigh and grabbed my luggage and started walking to the taxi that was waiting for me. It was two am and I had to be at the airport at three thirty. The taxi driver helped me with my luggage and soon enough I was inside and we were on our way towards the airport. 


I am more than sure that my father never expected me to leave, but the funny thing is that I was going to do it. I was going to start proving the world that I do as I say, because at the end it is my life and I’ll live it how I want.


Tears were slowly leaving my eyes, I was replying the fight with my father. I can’t believe that he rather believe Ferguson over his own daughter, but then again, Esther Gunner is nothing but trouble. I took out my phone to see if anyone had figured out I left the tour bus. 


“We are here Ms. Gunner.” The driver said his german accent being very strong.

“Danke.” I replied paying him and climbing out with my luggage. 


I walked towards the entrance struggling to keep up with three suitcases and a carry-on when a young helper came next to me. 


“Möchten Sie Hilfe?” He questioned. 

“Ja, danke.” I replied. “Gate 45.”

“Bitte.” He smiled and placed my luggage in a cart and followed me. 


I did everything that I had to do and sat on the chair waiting for my plane to be called. It was now four am and I had not received a single message from any of the people back at the bus. Had any one even check up on me? Didn’t my father care that I had left?


This is just as chagrin as it can be. Who would have said, no one cared about Esther Gunner.








It has come to an extremely shock to know that Esther Gunner is no longer in the Devil Five Tour. Apparently the teenager decided to go back home and prepare herself for college, but no one understands why she left in the middle of the tour. 


“She said that it was time for her to start living a normal life.” Enoch Gunner explained. “She asked me to let her go so that she could try to live by herself before she left for college.”



I turned off the kitchen television and walked out of it. It had been already a whole week and no one had decided to give me a call. Not even Blaze, I didn’t even know if we were together or not. I grabbed my phone and opened the message tab.


To: Blaze Michaelson <3

From: Esther Gunner ;)


Thank you so much for caring about me. I’m totally fine. I miss you. 

I just wanted to let you know that I was alive.



I hit the send button at the same time I cleaned a tear. Why weren’t they asking me why I left? Wasn’t I not missed? Was my father actually happy that I had left?


I shoved the thought at the end of my mind and decided that I was actually going to do something for myself. If I was here alone, I might as well start proving Enoch that I didn’t need him and that I could get myself a job and maybe even enter a college. I got out pen and paper and decided to make a to-do list.


To-Do List:


By: Esther Gunner


1. Get a manager

2. Go grocery shopping

3. Look for a job (with help of manager)

4. Look for a college.

5. Prove to the world that I am capable of being myself.

6. Sleep.


And so it is done. 


I Esther Gunner, will run away from the famous life, and start making my own life.


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