Daughter To Famous

Esther Gunner, the only daughter to famous Rockstar Enoch Gunner, lead singer of Devil Five, has decided to write down her life so that people read it and figure out that it isn't as simple and easy as the movies picture it.

Follow Esther as she narrates you, the story of her life.

**Also posted in Figment


8. Chapter Eight


Okay, so maybe my life isn’t that bad as I thought it was going to be. I mean, I started narrating you my life, so that you could all see that being the daughter of a Rock Star isn’t all luxury and shit. As you might have read so far, my life isn’t all luxury, but it isn’t so bad either, it has it’s ups and downs, but then again, everyone has them.


Let me help you remember a bit of my life. I’m going to make a quick summary, before I tell you what happens when you are in tour, and you have your boyfriend with you and the world realises that.


I live in a mansion with my father, Enoch, his personal assistant, Bryan, and bodyguard, Mike ‘The Tank’. I have two normal friends, Caleb and Collin George. I surf, and pretend to be a rock star once in a while. If I’m not at home, I’m touring with Devil Five, my other family, Guile, Rhodes, Ducky and Gordon. My other ‘brothers’ Robert, Carl, Ethan, Peter, Hunter and my boyfriend Blaze. I usually get a lot of eye rolls from Ralph, my dad’s manager. 

I think that with that, we are all good. 


Ps. I know I suck at summaries…


Now, to the actual story. 


I sat down resting my head on the wall. It was four am and we were still waiting to catch the plane to Europe. I can’t really believe that two months have already passed and that we are now headed to a two month tour over Europe, Asia, Australia and other destinations. I’ve been dating Blaze for a month now, and so far, no one apart from the band knows. Mike appeared with the coffees people asked for, and Bryan came behind with some candies and snacks. 


“Your Frap Esther.” Mike said giving me my drink.

“Thanks Mike.” I replied. “What time does the plane leaves?”

“In about an hour.” Mike replied. “Oh everyone.” He added making everyone pay attention to him. “This is a commercial flight.”

“We are traveling with people?” Carl questioned, his eyes opening more than I’ve seen.

“No shit.” I rolled my eyes and everyone laughed.

“Yeah.” Enoch said. “The private jet is on hold for the moment.”

“Why?” I questioned.

“It had a failure.” Ducky replied. 

“Oh lol.” I said. “We were going to die.” 

“Be quiet and listen.” Enoch said. “We are not together, we are mixed so I really hope that everyone behaves.” 

“Yes Enoch.” We all replied in a monotonous voice. We all laughed and Enoch simply rolled his eyes. 


After the small pep-talk we all returned to our things. Guile, Rhodes and Gordon were playing cards, Ducky, Bryan, Enoch, and Ralph were speaking about the places we were supposed to visit, Mike was sitting on a far chair staring out the people passing by and every now and then he would check that we were all here. Carl was typing away on his computer, most likely doing a homework, Blaze was asleep? I really didn’t know, and I, well I had a book in hand and I was intending to finish it. 


I was really absorbed in the world of my book, it is a really great book, that I didn’t even feel when Blaze appeared next to me staring at my concentration face. When I felt someone staring, I closed my book and moved my head where I felt the eyes, Blaze was to my right staring at me with a smile. I gave him a questionable look and he chuckled.


“Esther.” Blaze said. 

“Yeah?” I questioned. 

“Are you ready?” Blaze asked. “We are leaving in ten minutes.”

“Yeah.” I replied. “I’m just really tired. I want to curl in my bed and sleep.”

“I have the same feeling.” Blaze said with a small smile. “When we get in, you should go to sleep.”

“Do you know if we are sharing?” I rubbed my eyes.

“I believe we do.” Blaze replied. 

A smile appeared on my face, and I tried to hide it, really unsuccessfully. “I’m looking forward to that.”

Blaze winked at me and was about to say something when my father appeared. “Esther a word.”

“OK?” I said standing up confused. 


I walked behind my father, a couple of steps away from everyone else. This seemed weird, but then again, nothing was quite normal in my life. I tried recalling what happened before, maybe that way I knew or had an idea on why my father seemed to want to speak with me away from everyone. He had been on the phone, but he’s always on the phone.  


“Enoch?” I questioned. “What is it?”

“I’m afraid I have bad news Esther.” My dad said. 

“What kind of bad news?” I questioned getting worried. 

“It involves Caleb.” My father said and my heart stopped. 

“What happened?” I whisper.

“He had a skating accident.” My father replied. “He’s at the hospital, he hit his head.” 

“Is he going to make it?” I asked. “Please tell me he is going to make it.”

“They want to believe so.” My dad replied. “But he is on a coma Esther.”

“Holy shit.” I said, tears in my eyes. “You have to send me back, Enoch. I have to go.”

“I’m sending you, Blaze and Mike.” My father replied. “You’re going on the private jet.”

“That’s why you’re not going to Europe in it.” I sighed. “How long will I be staying there?”

“You have a whole week.” My father replied. “And then you have to come back.”

“Ok.” I sighed. “Did they make him fall?”

“Collin says that someone wrecked his skateboard.” My father replied. “But there is no proof.”

“Where was he skating?” I questioned.

“The park you guys always go and skate.” My father replied. 

“Cameras.” I said. “They have cameras there. I’m going to figure out who the fuck did that to him.” I said making my hands into fists.

“Esther please don’t do anything stupid.” My father sighed. “If he doesn’t get better within a week, I’m flying myself to see if I can transfer him to another hospital.”

“I’ll let you know.” I whispered hugging my father. 

“I know you will.” My father replied kissing my head. 







I sighed grabbing Blaze’s hand as we stepped out of the jet. We had already arrived back home, and I was nervous as fuck. Collin’s life was in danger, how could I even go and face his family. Blaze squeezed my hand and kissed my temple. We were waiting for Mike to get off the plane, before we stepped inside the airport. 


“Esther.” Blaze said. “Do you want to go home and sleep or go straight to the hospital?”

As if I could sleep… “Let’s go straight to the hospital.” I said in a low voice. “I have to see the George’s.”

“As you wish.”



Mike caught up with us, and he guided us to the car that was waiting for us. Even though we weren’t famous (we might be the sons of someone famous) paps and fans still waited for us. I still can’t believe that they were waiting for me and Blaze… Either way, Mike had to move us around with the help of some security guards so that we didn’t end up squashed. 


“Where to?” Mike questioned as he opened the back door for me and Blaze.

“Hospital where Caleb is.” I replied climbing in. 

Mike climbed behind the wheel. “Ok.” He added and we took off. 


It took fifteen minutes so that we could arrive to the hospital. What struck me at the moment, was the fact that no one had called me. It was extremely weird that no one decided to call me and let me know that Caleb was at the hospital, I am his best friend and I find out via my father… weird as fuck. 


“We’re here.” Mike informed. “There are no paps or fans, but I’m pretty sure they will swing by soon.”

“Why would they?” I questioned. “I haven’t tweeted about Caleb or being back here.” 

“No, but your father has.” Blaze replied. “We should get inside.”

“Are you going to stay here?” I questioned to both Mike and Blaze.

“I have orders to not leave you.” Mike replied. 

“I can wait outside with Mike if you want.” Blaze replied staring at me.

“I’ll call you both when you can come in, let me have a moment alone.” I said. “Please.”

“Always.” Blaze replied. “Go inside, hurry.” 


I climbed out of the car and dashed inside the hospital, I questioned a nurse to where Caleb George was being held, and she showed me the way. I ran through the halls, I needed to see my friend. As I approached to the room, I could sense the worry. 


“Did you call Esther?” Collin voice asked. 

“I called Enoch.” Mama George replied. 

“You should have called her.” Collin said. “She’s his best friend.”

“Enoch will tell her Collin.” Mama George replied. 

“I’m here.” I whispered. “I came as soon as Enoch told me.” 

“Oh Esther!” Mama George and hugged me. 

“Mama George.” I whispered. “We have to be strong for him.”

“I know.” She cried. “I’m scared.”

“I believe we all are.” I replied. “Collin.”

“Esther.” He said hugging me.

“My father said that you think someone did it to him.” I said. “I think we can find out if it is true.”

“How?” Collin asked.

“The skate park has cameras.” I replied. “Everywhere.”

“You want to check out the feeds?” Collin asked and I nodded. “I can’t leave his side.”

“We are not going to.” I replied. “Blaze and Mike are outside. They’ll do it for me.”

“Blaze?” Mama George asked with a smile. “What is he doing here?”

“He’s my boyfriend.” I relied. “I thought Caleb told you.”

“He didn’t.” Collin smiled. “He’s really great at keeping your secrets.”

“I’m calling them right now.” I said. “Do you guys beed anything else?”

“Food.” Collin smiled. 


I nodded and called the boys, they had to this not for me, but for the sake of the George family.



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