Daughter To Famous

Esther Gunner, the only daughter to famous Rockstar Enoch Gunner, lead singer of Devil Five, has decided to write down her life so that people read it and figure out that it isn't as simple and easy as the movies picture it.

Follow Esther as she narrates you, the story of her life.

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1. Chapter One


“Esther Gunner won once again the California Surfing Competition, when she manage to ride the biggest wave, in which most of the other surfers dropped out or lost balance. The seventeen year old, proclaimed herself the Surfer Queen, making this her third year winning-“


I rolled my eyes and sighed, changing to Video 1 so that I could start playing Halo 4. I threw the remote control to the couch, and sprawled myself on the blue beanbag on the floor. I got comfy enough and started the game. I wasn’t in the mood for doing multiplayer, so I was by my own, trying to beat my own score. I was halfway done through the mission, when my beloved father decided to make an appearance in the living room.


“Good morning Esther.” My father said. 

“Morning Dad.” I replied pausing my game. “Why are you dressed?”

“Because it is almost 2pm and I have a meeting with the band here.” My father so I suggest that you do the same.” My dad added eyeing me. Yes, dad, my hair is in a messy bun, my pj shorts are too short and my t-shirt covers it up, I’m sorry, but I just woke up and I am inside my house, were no pap is supposed to enter. 

“Dad.” I whined. “They saw me when I was born, I don’t think they’ll mind if I’m wearing my pi’s.” 

“Esther.” My dad warned and I rolled my eyes. “Cameras are also going to be here.”

“Why?” I questioned, panicking a bit. 

“Because we are going to make an announcement.” My father replied.

“Another world tour?” I questioned.

“Yes malady.” My dad replied. 

“I’m so telling Caleb about that.” I replied getting up from the floor. “Is everyone going to come?”

“No.” My father replied. “You go and tell Caleb about the news.”

“I’m taking the Range Rover.” I replied walking to the hallway.

“Take care of it.” My dad said.

“With my life.” I winked.


Now, I’m pretty sure that you are wondering, who am I? My name is Esther Gunner, yeah, yeah, the daughter of the super famous rockstar Enoch Gunner, the lead singer to Devil Five. Sounds awesome doesn’t it? You know, the life of the rich and famous, in which I simply lift a finger, and I get everything I want? That doesn’t quiet happen, you see, I am pretty normal, as to speak. You’re not going to see me so much on live television, or on cover magazines, no, you are most likely to find me either at Caleb’s house or my own house. When I was younger, my mother left my dad and I, so I grew up in a tour bus, with my dad, his band, a manager and some body guards, which meant that I had to do everything girly by myself, which also explains why I am not so girly. Long story short, I’m just try to be the typical girl next door, only with the fact that whenever they see me, people go crazy and paparazzi start tacking picture trying to get a story.


Ok, I might have lied before, you are most likely to see me on live television and magazines, because I surf, and I am the local surfer Queen, so people interview me and stuff, but if it weren’t for that, I would be hiding away in my lovely house watching television and eating my weight in junk food. Not a nice picture. Probably wondering why on earth I am writing this, the deal is, that I want for all of you to read, how my life isn’t as perfect as everyone swears it is. I might be the daughter of a famous rockstar, but as it has it’s advantages, it also has its disadvantages. Now, let’s go back to the story.



I walked to my room. A simple yet modern room, the white walls, contrasting with the pale blue two-story bed, connecting to the closet. The window wall, that made the day light enter and illuminate the bookshelf, filled with all the books that I have read, right in front of the small desk, where my notebooks and pens laid, waiting to be touch. I’m pretty sure that if paps entered the my room, they would never expect this from the ‘Hipster Rockstar’, my nickname as they say that I am a hipster yet a rockstar, I have no idea how high were they when they came up with that crazy name. Again getting back to the story. I walked over to the closet and grabbed a plaid red with black stripes button shirt, a black skeleton ripped t-shirt, and a pair of shorts. I moved from the closet to the drawers and grabbed a pair of black high-knee socks and walked to the bathroom. I took a bath, washed my hair, I came out, combed my hair, dressed up and applied the tiny bit of make up I use. I let my hair dry itself, meaning that by the end of the day, I would have curls at the ends. I grabbed my purse, boots and made my way to the kitchen, where I grabbed the keys to the car and left to Caleb’s house.


There was a time where Caleb lived next door to us, but we moved to the new house about ten years ago as the paps and crazy fans figured our house location. That didn’t mean anything, Caleb and I kept being the best of friends, not that we saw each other in school, as I was homeschooled, but because my father always took me to Caleb’s house when school time was over so that I could be with someone my same age and that was not famous. 


I parked the car outside Caleb’s house and walked over to the entrance. I knocked twice and entered the house, only to find Caleb and Collin sitting down at the dining table with notebooks sprawled all around them. 


“Hello CG’s.” I smiled as I walked up to them.

“Hey there Esther.” Caleb smiled.

“Hello.” Collin replied.

“I have some good news to express.” I said, as I sat next to Collin.

“Let us hear it then.” Caleb said. 

“I know that Dream Killer has been looking for a place to do a gig right?” I asked. Dream Killer is Collin’s and Caleb’s band.

“Yeah.” Collin replied. “Did you get us a place?”

“Even better.” I replied with a smirk. “Devil Five is about to announce their world tour, which means that they are going to need an opening act for their very first show here in Los Angeles, and for their last show, here as well. And Enoch was wondering if you guys would like to be the opening act.”

“Are you joking?!” Both Collin and Caleb exclaimed.

“We will love to be the opening act!” Collin shouted. 

“Do you know how many people go to a Devil Five concert?” Caleb asked and I nodded.

“Of course I do.” I replied. “I basically live there.”

“Esther this is the best news ever!” Collin added hugging me. “When does the tour starts?”

“Probably next month.” I replied. “Ralph will email you the complete information and the contract.”

“I would totally kiss you right now!” Caleb said and I laughed.


This is what I like about Collin and Caleb George, even though my dad is super famous, they still treat me like the neighbour I once was to them. Thanks to my dad encouragement, they decided to create their own band, and since the beginning my father told them, that they would become super stars if they tried hard enough and took any opportunity.


I spent the rest of the afternoon at the George’s house, playing video games, just like I would have done at my house, and talking with the rest of Dream Killer. Ms. George came around five and asked if I was going to stay over for dinner, but I declined as Carl Guile’s son, (guitar player to D5) had already texted me, saying that there was a celebration dinner at my house at seven. Around six, I said goodbye to the George family and went back home. I entered through the kitchen and I could hearing everyone talking at the dining room. I made my way there and started saying hi to everyone.


“Hey there Carl.” I said hugging the drum player.

“Hello little princess.” Carl replied. “How are you?”

“I’m fine thank you.” I smiled. “How is little Ethan?”

“Oh he’s somewhere around here with the other devil twin.” Carl laughed.

“Devil twin where?” Ducky, the bass player, asked joining the conversation.

“Hey Ducky.” I said.

“Hello there Esther.” Ducky replied. “ Peter was asking for you.”

“Lord.” I laughed. “The Devil Twins are already asking for me?”

“Apparently.” Carl and Ducky laughed. 


I excused myself and made my way to where my father was with the rest of band. I silently jumped on my dad’s back making him laugh and roll his eyes.


“You’re back.” My dad said.

“Yep.” I replied. “Hello there Mr. Guile.” I laughed.

“Ms. Esther.” Guile replied.

“Long time no see Gordon.” I said to the piano player.

“I know.” Gordon laughed. “But Hunter had some sort of presentations going on, and my wife made me go.”

“Aww poor Robert, he wasn’t with his twin.” I mocked. 

“You are right.” Guile laughed. “He was like a girl on her period.”

“Hey!” I exclaimed. 

“You get me.” Guile winked.

“Blaze and Carl are at the pool.” My dad said.

“Call me when the food is ready.” I winked and made my way to the pool.


Let me introduce you to the Devil Five family. We have Guile Michaelson, guitar player, father to Carl (20) and Robert (18) Michaelson. Carl Rhodes, drummer, father to Ethan Rhodes (5). Ducky Rouge, bass player, father to Peter Rouge (5), and Gordon Michaelson (brother to Guile), piano player, father to Blaze (19) and Hunter (18) Michaelson. 


I might have mention Devil Twins and twins, that’s because Ethan and Peter are the Devil twins, as they were born with just a month of difference, meaning that Ethan was born February 20, and Peter was born March 20. And as for the twins is that Robert and Hunter were born with a day of difference, June 23rd and 24th. Pretty freaky coincidence right? That leaves, Carl, Blaze and I ‘alone’. Which will explain why we get along so well.


Back to story


I walked to the pool are and saw Carl and Blaze talking on the tables near the jacuzzi. The boys looked very alike, with the simple difference of the eye colour. Whilst Carl had brown hair, with a very well defined tanned body, and hazel eyes, Blaze had dark brown hair, the same defined tanned body, but had green eyes.


“Oldies.” I said as I joined them.

“Esther.” They both replied.

“Where were you?” Carl asked.

“Caleb’s place.” I replied.

“Visiting the boyfriend before leaving?” Blaze joked.

“Why are you jealous?” I replied with a smirked.

“Always darling.” Blaze replied. “You know that I hate sharing you.”

“Please Blaze, we both know that she isn’t yours but mine.” Carl interjected.

I chuckled. “Please, I am no ones.” I replied. “Are you going to be going in this tour?”

“I am.” Carl replied. “I managed to convoke my dad to let me take a semester off.”

“Awesome!” I replied. “I’ll have someone more near to my age!”

“I think that I will be joining after my graduation.” Blaze replied.

“Oh that is right.” Carl and I said. 

“You are graduating till now.” I said.

“Shut up.” Blaze laughed. “Not everyone is a genius and manages to graduate when they turn sixteen.”


I winked at them, and we kept talking about whatever we could think off.



I might have given you the impression that so far, my life is quite easy and simple right? Why don’t you stay tuned, and figure out that truth?



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