Brooklyn is your average girl but when She finds out she is the ruler of the earth region. With the help of Karen,Aiden and Grace will they be able to save their kingdoms or with Xaven rise up and destroy everything.


2. 2.Explanation


*. " She is my Foster sister" I said scrunching my nose. " You were adopted too?" Aiden, Grace and Karen asked in unison.

I gaped at the three girls. Suddenly a man in a ridiculous outfit ran threw the door "girls Um, Detention is out early. Grab my hand," he said smiling. *

"I'm sorry, But I don't know you!" Grace said. "Pssh,I'm in anything to get out of detention." Said Aiden. "I guess" I said. He held out his hand. " Just put your hand on top of mine" he said smiling. Aiden put her hand on, I put mine on. Grace sighed, got up and walked over. She put her hand on, we all looked at Karen.

"Fine" she sighed. She walked over and hesitantly put her Hand on. "Hold on tight!" He said smiling. Wow this guy is very smily. Suddenly I heard a loud WHOOSH.

When I opened my eyes I got very dizzy. I tipped over " Woah there!" He said catching me. I looked around I gasped, I was in a beautiful forest. I gasped and swung up onto a tree I dip tons of flips on the tree. "You might not want to do that" he said wearily. Suddenly I was flung into the air. I heard a gasp " No Don't! This is Brooklyn! Brooklyn Rivers!"the man yelled.

I suddenly was caught. I looked up the tree had a face. I screamed, scrambled to my feet and over to the girls. "What the heck!" I shrieked. " I'm Horgan. And you girls are princesses of SunVale. You girls are in charge if the four regions. The water region, the earth region which we are in, the fire region and the air region." He said. I shook my head in disbelief.

" Brooklyn is the earth ruler. Karen is the water ruler. Grace is the air ruler and Aiden is the-" "FIYAH RULAH!" She screamed. " High five creepy tree man!" She exclaimed. The tree smacked her in the stomach with his giant branch. She went flying. I started laughing and laughing.

We walked toward a large castle, as we got into the castle we say a beautiful women with silky Golden hair. "Hello girls..."she smiled. " I'm Queen Jyelle" she said. "When I was royalty I decided that I should share it. So I chose four misunderstood girls and boys." She said smiling. " but I have one question how did you know we were misunderstood? I've had my fire powers since I was two!" Aiden said. " Your parents were great friends of mine. During the battle of Azcandor they where the one of the many people that were tortured by Xaven. He sent a curse on them making you girls being very misunderstood. So I knew you girls would need a quest. Along with the boys parents they shall be here any moment now. Oh I also knew because I'm the sun queen. I know everything!" Queen Jyelle said.

"W-Where are our p-parents?" Karen stuttered. Queen Jyelle got a grim look on her face. "Are they d-dead?" Aiden asked. "No one knows where they went. Xaven found out you where going to be the ones to destroy him from the prophecy so he kidnapped them but when Salvander the great destroyed his army, he went into hiding. He took your parents with him... On a happier note Mr. Horgan shall take you to your trains. There you will be escorted to the kingdoms. And you will meet your trainers. Also you will be attending

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