Brooklyn is your average girl but when She finds out she is the ruler of the earth region. With the help of Karen,Aiden and Grace will they be able to save their kingdoms or with Xaven rise up and destroy everything.


1. 1. First Day!

I sat up in my bed. My foster mother banged on the shed door. I sleep outside In a small shed.

I slipped on my black converse, a loose t-shirt and some baggy jeans.

"Get up Loser!" My "sister" yelled I opened the door and saw her standing there with her long blond hair, blue eyes. Her skinny jeans and sweater covered up her skin. She slapped me and pushed me into my shed. I heard her slide something and grunt, I immediately knew she was slipping a piece of wood threw the handle.

Vicki! Come on! Todays the first day of school! Let me out!" I groaned banging on the door. " Um how 'bout No!"she cackled walking away. I pushed my dresser to the other side of the wall. I had another door that they didn't know about.

I walked to the woods and sat in a tree I rustled threw my book bag. I found my notebook and pen I scribbled down some lyrics.

Where we're you when I needed you

Most? Help me help me. I need to get out! Of this hole get me out!

I groaned crumpled it up and with a quick motion of my hand a bush moved over showing a bag of garbage I threw the paper into the bag. I've Been so connected to nature ever since I was able to walk so much that I can control nature. I heard Tonya and Sarah walking " I feel so bad for her though! I mean the sister is just UGH! I hate her" Sarah said

" how does Vikki live with that slob what's her name?" Sarah asked. "Isn't It like Chicago or something?". " No I think it's like Brook or something" Tonya said. " Brooklyn" I murmured to myself.

I checked my necklace it has a little watch on it. The time was 7:58 am, School starts at 8:10 I climbed down the tree. I had my bag filled with stuff. I got my pogo stick and started towards school.

By 8:10 I had arrived at school I put my pogo stick in the bike cage. I walked into class. " Miss. Rivers detention." Mr. Ferguson said. I groaned and sat down I saw vikki snicker. "Miss. Larson what is the square root of 144" Mr. Ferguson hissed. "T-Twenty F-four? N-No I-I mean T-Thirteen?" She stuttered. "Wrong Miss. Larson The answer was twelve. "

"Nice going P-Poor L-Little Whatever your name is." Vikki said mimicking her then laughing with her minions. A girl with wild hair spoke " Leave her alone. Or I will have to make you!" " Oh no I'm SO scared" she laughed. The wild girl stood up and started screaming at her.

Soon they was so much commotion that no one could hear a thing. The quite girl tried pulling her off. "SILENCE" the teacher yelled " what are your names!"he demanded. "K-Karen" the quite girl muttered. "Aiden" the wild girl snapped. He pointed at vikki " Mr. Ferguson I am completely innocent I was asking Tanya about the assignment and they she grabbed me and I-I" she burst into "tears".

After school I sat in the room for detention. It was me, Karen, Aiden and some other girl. "So what are you in here for?" I asked the girl " I forgot my homework" she said. " I'm Grace" she smiled

"Brooklyn " "Aiden" "Karen" they replied with me. I laughed a little bit " I'm so sorry about Vikki" I said. " It's not your fault how rude she is" Aiden smiled. " Um don't tell anyone but she is my sister"

The room was filled with gasps " How are you related to that- that-SHE WITCH!" Aiden yelled. I shushed her. The teacher walked in " What was that racket!" He snapped

"Oh Aiden dropped her bookbag on accident. " I said smiling. He disappeared out the door. " She is my Foster sister" I said scrunching my nose. " You were adopted too?" Aiden, Grace and Karen asked in unison.

I gaped at the three girls. Suddenly a man in a ridiculous outfit ran threw the door "girls Um, Detention is out early. Grab my hand," he said smiling.


HEY GUYS! How do you like the cliff hanger? MWAHAHAHA! Hope you guys enjoy it! I would keep writing but its 11:00 pm on a school night. Xxoo. Mia <3

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