The girl with the converse

My name is chachi Gonzales, I'm 18 I have blonde curly hair and I'm a dancer, dance is my life, my passion, the reason I live, I have a horrible past but will someone show up and fix my broken pieces? Then read if you wanna find out about my awesome life as chachi Gonzales...


1. chapter 1

The music blasted as I danced to the beat, my adrenaline was running like crazy. Every move I made I could see my parents and friends cheer me on, this was the start of my dancing career I thought in my head, this is what I wanna do for the rest of my life.... (At age 7)

A/N: hey guys so this is the start of a wonderful fan fiction just wait it gets better I'm sorry for te short start to the the story... I promise I'll update as much as I can so please like, fav, comment, and tell your friends -lots of love Sarah xxxx

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