Its Just For Fame

I have to date louis! And manage one direction! Yay. But. Louis has a gf and I have no idea how to manage those animals! This is gunna be tough THANKS PAUL! Oh and my name is katherine


2. quit, anger and smirk

so now One Direction works for me, but I work for them. how does that work? I pushed the thought of my new job to the back of my head. I had to quit the job I had at this time for my new job. here I am, the bar.


"hey stag whats up?" "not much my wonderful worker! what about you?" stag is my boss, soon to be ex boss. "well stag, I, I have to quit. I dont want to but I was just hired to be One Directions new manager. I, Im sorry!" he looked like he was thinking. he started to frown, then smile ear to ear. "manager eh? well CONGRATS! I wish you all my blessings to your new job!" wow. he took that well. "thank you! now I have to get going bye!" I ran off to my car.


Louis POV


I CANT BEILIVE PAUL WOULD DO THAT! I hate him for that! What is that guys problem! I HAVE A GIRL FRIEND AND I DONT WANT TO CHEAT ON HER!!! I dont even know the girl! What if she is just a crazed fan! Like really paul! well today I have to meet her and our new manager! ya I forgot to tell you, we are getting a new manager and paul will be GONE!!!! IM SO HAPPY!!!!! Finaly NO MORE PAUL!


Katherines POV


Ok get ready katherine. I was about to hop on the plane to go meet the boys. I was freaking out about louis, and the other boys. what if louis doesnt like me? what if I cant control the boys? what if the boy hate me? WHAT IF ELEANOR FINDS OUT!? well I borded the plane and was on my way to london.


Pauls POV


To: num skulls


guys your new manager is on her way, be nice to her ok?


from: num skulls


oooooo its a girl! yay lets see how hot she is!


oh harry she already has a man. I thought.


To: carrot obssesd


Your girlfriend is on her way. Like the new one not el. good luck!


from: carrot obssesed


ya I cant wait btw paul


I texted back 


to: carrot obbsesed




from: carrot obbsesed


I hate you!


hahahahahaha! I thought 'hate you too'

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