Its Just For Fame

I have to date louis! And manage one direction! Yay. But. Louis has a gf and I have no idea how to manage those animals! This is gunna be tough THANKS PAUL! Oh and my name is katherine


1. Tweet To Paul

Ok. Katherine. Todays the day. You can do this. Its just a tweet! I looked at my phone. 'Here goes.' I looked up Paul, one directions managers twitter name. "Here it is!" I pressed new tweet. 

'Paul, I am katherine and I have an offer that could make one direction the biggest thing on the planet! Wanna hear it?' I pressed send and waited

5minutes later and he answerd. 'Yes, if its worth my time' I tweeted him back quickly. 'Well of corse if it can make 1D better, in the eyes of most people' he tweeted back instantly. 'Ok go on' ok katherine, here goes. 'Well you see if one direction comes to a small town, on an island, in canada, fans will come from all over! Putting the town on the map!' Pual tweeted back. 'So what if the town is on the map? How does that make 1D better?' I smirked. 'Picture this: a newspaper head line saying- ONE DIRECTION PUTS SMALL TOWN ON MAP AMD MAKE MILLIONS!-what do you think now?' He took a bit so I think he was thinking. 'Sounds perfect! But what town?' I told him the town (cant tell you were I live sorry)  'sounds good!' I tweeted. 'So do we have a deal?' 'On two conditions.' Uh oh! 'What?' 'You become 1D's manager i will help you with it, and you date one of the boys who is already in a relationship!' I could tell he was smirking. 'I can to the manager part but help one of them cheat!' I hoped his smirk left. 'He doesn't want to but its to bring more fame to HIM' I thought long and hard finaly I tweeted, 'witch boy?' I bet his smirk turned to a huge grin! 'Louis William Tomlinson'




I found some one for louis to date! And they would still become more popular! THANK THE HEAVANS! She sent me back a tweet, 'does el know?' I tweeted her back, 'no amd she wont know' i waited and finaly at 6:30 got my answer 'ok, wen do I start and when do the boys come?' They always give way for the boys. 'Whevever you want, manager.' I was smirking, ALOT! Finaly, I found her!

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