When Riley moves to England, she meets a boy named Harry who has a crush on her. Will she feel the same?


2. Goodbye

"I'm gonna miss you so much!"Said my old best friend Tait. "Tait,I know and I will miss you too but we will still text and face time every day! I promise." Hi my name is Riley Smith I am 17 years old,and today is the day the day I move from Wisconsin to England. My friend Tait and I have been friends science the 5th grade but,I will have to leave he behind.(now back to the story!) About an hour passed and then it was time.I had to go we were crying as we hugged each other and said "goodbye" at the same time (that just made us cry even more!) Many long hours passed when we finally arrived. A few lonely days later, I got in rolled in to a school.This really nice girl named Taylor showed me around the school she invited me to sit with her at lunch. Lunch was really fun,I got to meet her other friends and her friend June and her were in pretty much all of my classes. English was only me and Taylor though halfway through English,I felt like someone was staring at me I looked around the room only to find a curly headed boy with the cutest green eyes and dimples. I poked Taylor because she probably knew him. "Do you that guy,he's staring at me." I said "oh yeah,I know him that's my friend Harry, he's really nice and funny and over there," she pointed to a boy trying to sneak food into his mouth with blonde hair and icy eyes."that's Niall,he is his friend." The rest of class I was being watched,like a hawk. At the end of class, Harry walked past my desk and placed a note on it. It said: hello beautiful I m Harry and you are..? Call me **************-H <3

Oh my gosh,he likes me

Hey guys!!! How'd you like it sorry if I don't update soon I might be busy with school bye-Lucy!!

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