That girl in the converse

That girl in the converse

Blurb: Angelia or angel as everyone at her school calls her angel hates her real name she thinks it's too girly, angel has a reputation at her school she is the baddest kid at her school no one ever messes with her but then one day a certain Zayn Malik and his mates enrol to her school and he really gets on her nerves because at Zayn's olds school he was the trouble maker. So what will happen when they cross paths, read to find out?!


12. Ignoring Her

Nialls POV:

So for the past couple of days I've been ignoring angel because I just felt and still feel so humiliated at what happened at the back oval that I just want to talk to anyone right now I've just been so depressed and disgusted that I made angel cry because of Zayn but when she comes over to talk to me at my locker I just walk away because I don't want to make her cry ever again so I figured that if we just stay away from each other it will be better for both of us, but the thing is that I haven't told her yet and I don't know how and if I should but I'll think about it later on, I haven't even been talking to my parents, it also hasn't been helping when I see Zayn trying to flirt and ask out angel I just get mad but when I see angel reject him it brings a smile on my face I laugh a little in my head.

Angels POV:

For the past couple of days for some days Niall has been ignoring me I thought that something was just wrong but then I realised that it wasn't when he started to walk away from me I got really angry I went into the girl toilets I opened up the second stall door, went inside, slammed the door and started crying I was just so annoyed I didn't know what to do and what to think does he not like me anymore, does he find me annoying, or worse of all does he hate me. Right then and there I just stayed in the girls bathroom for the rest of the day, if a girl walked in the second stall I would growl or yell at them I didn't care how much they needed to go and how much the teachers got angry, how cares my life is a horrible mess I just don't know what to do. I wish Niall would just talk to me and tell me what's wrong, I really miss Niall. WAIT. Did I just say I really miss Niall? I think I have feelings for Niall? No I can't it's impossible! I can't have feelings for Niall even though he has dreamy blue eyes, swift blonde hair and that really cute strong Irish accent. UGH! I do have feelings for Niall. It also doesn't help when Zayn keeps on hitting on me it's really annoying he can't take no for an answer!

Zayns POV:

Ever since the back oval thing a couple of days ago I've been trying to chat up angel, shes been rejecting me but I really thinks she digs me, she just doesn't want to admit it, I can't believe that Niall thought that he could be with her she's so hot and he's so not. Haha! But anyway one of these days angel is going to be my girl.

Angels POV:

I woke up this morning, seemings it was the weekend I woke up at 10:00, I went and had a shower, I walked over to my closet and picked out black high waisted shorts, and a white tank to, I went into the kitchen and decided to have some cereal, after that I went to brush my teeth, I wanted to have a walk down to the park so I brushed my hair and put it in a high ponytail, I put on my black leather jacket and headed out the door but I had to stop in my tracks when I saw Zayn singing ' As Long As You Love Me' By Justin Bieber, I just rolled my eyes and kept walking, everyone was staring at me, in the middle of the song i turned around and yelled "Just go away I don't have feelings for you, your just. So annoying!" He looked hurt but I didn't really care he's been annoying me so much, do I just turned back around and kept walking and didn't look back, but I could tell that I had eyes on me and I knew that it was Zayn

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