That girl in the converse

That girl in the converse

Blurb: Angelia or angel as everyone at her school calls her angel hates her real name she thinks it's too girly, angel has a reputation at her school she is the baddest kid at her school no one ever messes with her but then one day a certain Zayn Malik and his mates enrol to her school and he really gets on her nerves because at Zayn's olds school he was the trouble maker. So what will happen when they cross paths, read to find out?!


6. I don't care if your new

Angels POV:

So I've been staying away from Zayn all this week because I just thought that he might just be mad that he had to move schools. I was walking to school when I heard a yell "blondie!" And just then I knew that it was no one other than Zayn I turned around on my toes and saw Zayn walking with his little entourage Niall, Louis, Liam and Harry all of the guys except for Niall were laughing at what Zayn had just called me, then Niall just stepped in front of his mates, I heard him say "guys you should stop doing that to her she's trying to be nice to all of us and you guys are just taking advantage of her!" he exclaimed " woah what's up with you Niall you've never done this before, you know what you should stop!" Zayn shouted back "fine if you think I should stop I should just stop hanging out with you guys and hang out with angel!" He argued "if that's what you want" Zayn replied, after Zayn said that Niall looked hurt. He walked over here you could see the hurt in his eyes and it looked like he was about to cry I felt really sorry for him so I put my arms out signalling that he can hug me he instantly wrapped his arms around me , I could hear the quiet sobs coming form Niall after the hug I looked over at Zayn and mouthed to Niall 'trader' I Glared at him and he just rolled his eyes so I turned around and started to walk with Niall beside me I felt eyes on me so I looked beside me and saw that Niall was staring at me "Niall are you ok?" I questioned "oh yeah I am, it's just that I heard that usually you pick on newbies at school but you don't do that to me why don't you?" He replied "well I don't do that to you because I hate zayn and he just done that to you and I feel sorry for you" I answered " oh okay" he replied and the rest of the walk to school was silent.

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