That girl in the converse

That girl in the converse

Blurb: Angelia or angel as everyone at her school calls her angel hates her real name she thinks it's too girly, angel has a reputation at her school she is the baddest kid at her school no one ever messes with her but then one day a certain Zayn Malik and his mates enrol to her school and he really gets on her nerves because at Zayn's olds school he was the trouble maker. So what will happen when they cross paths, read to find out?!


1. angel at school

Angel's POV:

I woke up late for school but I don't really care I usually just skip class I'm 16 and I have my own apartment my parents said that of I want to live under their roof I have to follow their rules so I saved up all the money that I had and rented out this place so I don't have to follow anyone's rules.

I got up and had a quick shower, blow dried my bright but dirty blonde hair I looked in my closet and decided to wear black ripped skinner jeans, a red tank top and a black leather jacket and headed out the door of my apartment I pulled out my phone and headphones out of my back pocket and started to listen to paramore ignorance I love paramore.

So I got to school by the time I got there 2 periods were already finished, yes, so I walked down the hallway of the school everyone was whispering while I walked down the walkway it saw my best friend, Elly said: " I have a surprise for you!"

A/N hey marshmallows now that I have school holidays I'm going to update regularly well bye my little marshmallows x

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