Something that finally goes right

Jessica is an abused daughter who is done with her dad. After running away one faithful night she meets harry in an unexpected way. Will he help her through her pain or will he look the other way


2. nowhere to go

Jessica's P.o.v.

I wake up in a white room. White walls white blankets white sheets. Wait, why am I laying down? You hear angry voices British and irish. "What the hell harry?!" You hear one yell. "Lou, I didn't see here it was dark, I don't know ok." "This is bad you can be sued this can ruin you" you hear a thick Irish accent say.

You decide to chime in."hello?""what happens and where am I exactly?" "You ran in front of my car and got hit" Harry I think."I'm so sorry" I say. One steps forward, "it's not your fault harry wasn't watching the road, I'm Louis you can call me Lou." "Where do you live how can we contact you're parents" Lou asks. "I don't have one." You explain you're whole story surprisingly the boys listened and look genially concerned.

"Wow" they all say unison. One by one they offer you there flats to stay in." Harry chimes in to say that he hit me and that he should take care of me, and mentioned the other boys have girlfriends that wouldn't be to happy with a girl staying in there flat. The doctors said it was safe for me to leave so harry started to drive me to his flat.

We arrived at his flat and it was HUGE. Wow it was beautiful. He showed me to a room and left me to rest.

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