Mr. & Mrs. Horan

"Will they find us?" I said fearful.
"No honey... Shhhh" Niall said trying to clam me down.
"I hear them coming, hide" Niall said.
I ran and hide before they could find me.
"Where is the Horans" I heard unfamiliar voice say.


7. chapter 7

Niall's POV

"what are we going to do now" Scarlett said looking at me

"We are going to stay here and tomorrow morning we will leave" i said try to make her feel better

Scarlett starts to walk and forth trying to think of where to go while i hoped on the bed and found a computer. i pick the computer and started to look at Southwest flights. i looked at all places to go and all the ticket were sold out expect for California.

"what are you doing" Scarlett said looking over my shoulder

"Booking a flight to California so we can get out of here" i said while trying to buy the tickets.

"where are we going to stay in California." Scarlett said

"i have a friends that live there." i said

"Who's your friend?" Scarlett asked confused

"His name is Louis Tomlinson." i said

"Isn't he a billionaire and how did you guys meet." Scarlett said 

"Yeah and well we used to have a band together called One Direction." i said

""ok? how do-" Scarlett try to say bu then i cut her off

"Shhh..... no more question just go with the flow." i said to Scarlett so she would stop asking so many question.

I found two pairs of black sunglasses and i gave one to Scarlett.

"why are you giving me these?" Scarlett said confused.

"we are going out to eat." Niall

"where?" Scarlett said

"There are some restaurants in this hotel so let just go there." i said 

Then me and Scarlett to took the stairs this time so we didn't get stuck. we both ran down the stair as fast as we could. Once we were down there we looked at all of restaurants that were down there. then we found a restaurant called Steak and Shake and that was Scarlett's favorite restaurant and so we went there. 

"A table of two please" i said to the waiter

"Right this way, sir" the waiter showing us our table.

"here you go and here are your menus" the waiter said standing in front of the table.

Me and Scarlett both sat in the booth and looked at the menus. 

"what are you getting, Scarlett?" i said wonder what she was getting

"I'm getting the Ceaser Salad and what are you getting?" Scarlett asked me

"i'm getting a 1/2 pound Steak burger and we can share a Chocolate Milkshake." i said

the waiter came over to us. "What are you wanting to order" the waiter said all smiley. 

"i want the 1/2 pound steak burger and a Chocolate Milkshake." i said to the waiter as she wrote on her piece of paper.

"i will get the Ceaser Salad." Scarlett said

"Anything else." the waiter said

"nope." Scarlett said

"Ok, i will be out in just a minutes." the waiter said

*skipping the wait for food*

"here you guys go" the waiter said while handing us our food.


When me and Scarlett were done eating we want back to the stair and started to run up them again. When we got up there we were all tried and i opened up our room door and layed down. My eyes started getting heavier and heavier and i drifted off to a deep sleep.


hey guy!! i need a girl friend for Zayn and Louis. 




Description: (hair color, eye color,hairstyle,etc.)

Personality:(shy, outgoing, sweet, mean,etc.)

Which guy:

thanks guys!! Bai!! 





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