Mr. & Mrs. Horan

"Will they find us?" I said fearful.
"No honey... Shhhh" Niall said trying to clam me down.
"I hear them coming, hide" Niall said.
I ran and hide before they could find me.
"Where is the Horans" I heard unfamiliar voice say.


4. Chapter 4

Scarlett's P.O.V.

"I'm so happy that got out of there before they could find us" I said relieved.

"Me too and I'm happy you didn't get hurt" Niall said looking at me while he was driving.

While he was looking  at me , he push the gas pedal even harder and the we kept going faster and faster.

"Niall, slow down" I said yelling at Niall

He didn't listen to me and he was even faster than before. I looked in the side mirror and found out that the cops were chasing us. I could finally heard the sirens go off for while. There was 9 cop car chasing us and I started to freak out.

"The cops are chasing us!!" I said shouting at Niall

"Now you finally notice, they have been chasing us for awhile" Niall said to me calmly

i turn on the radio so I could forget about it but the reporter was talking about a car chase. 

"There a car chase on The 101 highway" the reporter said

"Thats us!!" I shouted at the radio

the reporter kept talking about us for 30 minutes and then went on a different story. I turned off the radio and the sirens got quieter the farther went. I looked back and found a car accident and the police were stuck behind it. We started going slow and I started to feel relieved. 

"The cops are gone, YAY!!" I shouted at Niall

"They aren't done looking for us" Niall said

"Well thanks for ruining the moment." I said to Niall while rolling my eyes.

"where are we going?" I said

" To South Point Hotel" Niall told me

Then we drove up to the hotel and parked, then we went inside.


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