Mr. & Mrs. Horan

"Will they find us?" I said fearful.
"No honey... Shhhh" Niall said trying to clam me down.
"I hear them coming, hide" Niall said.
I ran and hide before they could find me.
"Where is the Horans" I heard unfamiliar voice say.


18. Chapter 18

Niall's POV

i really didn't know anyone to help me get Scarlett back but i have to try. Scarlett is my everything and i put her in this situation, i need to get her out! So i decide to call Harry!

"Hey Harry, i really need your help." i said

"What is it, i will do anything for you." Harry said

"Well you how Scarlett is in jail." I said

"Yes. Spit it out already." He said

"Can you help me get her out." i said

"Im not the right person to call." He said

"I really need your help" i said

"Sorry bud i can't" He says and hangs up. 

"Can anyone help me." i yelled on the top of my lungs. I Thought lets call Rebecca, she might help me.

"Hey.. I need your help" i said

"For what" She said

"Help me get scarlett out of jail." i said really fast

"what did you say?" She said

"Can you help me get Scarlett out of jail." I said

"Sorry Niall im busy right now and im not the best person to ask..But..." She said

"But what" I said 

"i Know one person you can call" I said

"is the one person in one direction or any of you girls?" i said rolling my eyes, thinking it was.

"Nope" she said

"Do i know this person." i said confused

"Pretty good." She said

"Well spit out." i said really wanting to know.

"Well its...." She said

i called everyone besides one person.... i guess.


Hey Sorry i haven't updating! i will try to update more but just a heads up i might not update during July alot because im busy with Vactions. I have to get my tosils out and im scared for it> Well i don't want to talk about life story it would be a whole page. Comment what you think about this chapter. i will try updating again today or tomorrow. 


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