Mr. & Mrs. Horan

"Will they find us?" I said fearful.
"No honey... Shhhh" Niall said trying to clam me down.
"I hear them coming, hide" Niall said.
I ran and hide before they could find me.
"Where is the Horans" I heard unfamiliar voice say.


14. Chapter 14

Scarlett's POV

Me, Niall, Louis, and Natasya were having fun. Playing cards and just having a fun time and then I get a text from Liam. I stepped away from our card game and went to the couch. 

Liam: Nikki just fainted

Me: How did she faint?

Liam: She figured out that you guys were wanted.

Me: Did you tell her

Liam: No. They cops did because they were at our hotel.

Me: Oh No

Liam: Now Nikki doesn't know anything and she only knows me.

Me: What are you guys going to do?

Liam: We are going back to the hotel and we will do the inducting tomorrow.

Me: Ok, See ya. Bye!

Liam: Bye!

I kept thinking about how Nikki is doing and I felt so bad that she forgot about everything. Now she doesn't know me and everyone else. Tomorrow is going to be a weird because everyone is going to say that she knows them. It she doesn't anymore. She doesn't even know that she fainted.

"Are you still going to play the card game, Scarlett." Louis said

"Yeah, be there in a minute." I said as I turned off my phone. I walked over to the table and sat down. Louis shuffled the cards and dealt them. 

"Why were you over there?" Niall whispered in my ear.

"Just read my text with Liam." I whispered to Niall

Niall took my phone and turned it on. Went on to my message and started to read my texts with Liam.

"omg that sad." Niall said

"What sad mate." Louis said

"Nikki fainted and forgot everything and everyone expect for Liam." I said

"That is sad." Natasya said

"I know." I said 

"tomorrow we have to tell her all of our names again to refresh her brain." Niall said

"Ok." Natasya said

"For right now let's play the game and forget about everything." Louis said. 

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