Mr. & Mrs. Horan

"Will they find us?" I said fearful.
"No honey... Shhhh" Niall said trying to clam me down.
"I hear them coming, hide" Niall said.
I ran and hide before they could find me.
"Where is the Horans" I heard unfamiliar voice say.


10. Chapter 10

Scarlett's POV 

"Wait.... Me and Niall have change so they don't notice us." I said

Me and Niall ran into the room and he started to take off his shirt. He had very nice abs that were very sexy.  Then I started to take off my clothes and got new ones to put on. I put on my clothes right front of Niall and I didn't care because we did this all the time. Once we were finished getting ready me and Niall both ran back down stairs. 

"Ok, now we are ready." Niall said

Us girls took one car and the boys took another car.

" I'll  drive" Rebecca yelled and so did Zayn. We all laughed uncontrollably. 

We all walked to the car and Rebecca ran to the car. Me and Natasya just walked.

"Come on guys, you guys are slow." Rebecca said and then laughed.

Before we got in the cars, Harry and Liam came with their girlfriends. they all hopped out of their cars.

"Though we were meeting at the bowling alley" Louis questioned.

"We though the girls might want to hang out with Mely and Nikki." Harry said

The girls walked over to us.

"Hi I'm Melina but you can call me Mely and I'm Harry's girlfriend" The girl with brown hair that went to her shoulder and it was in layers said.

"Hi, I'm Scarlett, Niall's wife." I said

"Hi, I'm Natasya and this is Rebecca" Natasya said while pointing at Rebecca.

"Hi, I'm Nikki, Liam's girlfriend" The girl with brown hair with red ends and with bangs to the side said.

We all started in getting in the car. The boy's already left so they get more catching up. Once we all got in the car we started to leave to the mall. Once we got there we got out of the car and started to look over for a store.

Niall's POV

Once we got to the bowling place , I didn't even know what it was called, we got out of the car and started to go inside. It was crowded but we found a alley that us five could play on. We put our names in the machine to put who goes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th. It went Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and then me. Once we finished doing that we started to bowl and went it was Harry turn, he got a strike. He was really at bowling and now I'm sucky compared to him.


Hi guys!! Sorry I haven't posted in a little while!! Happy New Years!! I hope you guys have the best year of your life! Natasya, Melina, Rebecca, and Nikki sorry I haven't done point of view for you guys but i will soon and for the rest of the boys too. 


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