Suicidal love

Harry styles is far from happy. He suffers with depression, suffers from anxiety and also is suicidal. All he wants is a friend, he wants to feel happy. He nearly killed himself twice. What happens when he finally finds a friend? Will Harry recover and finally be happy? Or will he kill himself trying? Maybe it will all be too much for him, but can Megan help him through it? Read to find out!

I love Harry and I'm not trying to make him this way in my story on purpose! I really wanted a powerful love story and I'm kinda dedicating this to all the direct omers who are suicidal an guys are worth it. But if this offend story or upsets you in anyway please is not read because I don't want to make you sad. I love you!! Xx


8. chapter 8

Chapter 8

As I woke up, my hand searched for Harry's hand but I didn't feel him beside me anymore.

I opened my eyes slowly and realized he wasn't there. I was freaking out, he better not have gone while we were sleeping oh my god.

I started screaming his name as if he would reply as I got out of my bed ripping off all of the cords that were attached to me. I started walking the hospital halls feeling dizzy and lightheaded still calling his name. I was already in tears, I was going to find him.

All the sudden some nurses tried to take me back to my room but I fought them. I got out of there arms and started walking as fast as I could to find Harry.

As I reached the end of the hall I entered a room and to my surprise, there was Harry, walking around with the doctor, recovering. I slowly walked towards him as the doctor held his arm for support , I fell into his other arm, hugging him tight.

"Oh my god, Harry I can not believe you did that for me...what the hell were you thinking?!"

"I wanted to make sure you were okay, I couldn't loose you"

"I love you" I quickly whispered in his ear.

He gave me the cheekiest smile I had ever seen then quickly crashed his lips on to mine as I was crying. Once my lips met his unexpectedly I could feel butterflies flying all through my stomach, and there were these amazing sparks with slight dizziness thinking i was in a dream.

As he kissed me I could feel every ounce of sadness fade away. It felt perfect.

Harry's pov

I woke up this morning, staring at Megan as she slept. I didn't remember anything that happened during surgery but I know I felt like shit. She was healthy though and that's all that matters.

One of the doctors walked in asking me to see if I could do regular tasks and if I was strong enough to do them since I lost so much blood.

I wanted to wake her up to let her know I was okay but she looked so much like an angel I couldn't. The doctor helped me walk down the hall and into a room at the end of the hall to do some different tasks there so I could rebuild my strength.

The doctor kept telling me how he thought I wouldn't make it. I didn't realize I put my life in that much danger, he told me there was a risk but for him to tell me he was surprised I woke up this morning I was amazed. I was just glad Megan was okay, I would take a bullet for her.

After a while I could hear Megan screaming my name, I wanted to go get her but I couldn't walk on my own without some support yet, I was sick and weak.

It felt good to hear her voice, but there was fear and hurt in her good as she yelled my name. I wanted to tell back "I'm right here" but my voice was shaky.

A few moments later Megan burst through the door with tear stained cheeks. She then collapsed in my arm and hugged me tight.

Oh my god Harry I can not believe you did that for me...what the he were you thinking?!"

"I wanted to make sure you were okay, I couldn't loose you"

"I love you" Megan whispered to me in such a relieved, sweet, soft voice which made me shiver.

I have been waiting for this moment since I met her.

Before saying anything else, I collided my lips onto hers.

It felt so right, it felt like I have waited for her forever. She took all the pain away, she gave me happiness again and that's all I have ever wanted.

She saved my life.

*week later*

Harry's pov

I was just recovering from all the blood loss and Megan has already been up and going. After the hospital I asked her out and she said yes. We have already had a few dates and everything, but it's been hard since I am still weak and a bit sick. I'm getting better though, and it was because of her.

I have noticed something about her lately though, she started to look sick herself. I didn't want to say anything of course, simply because she was probably just tired from helping me do things.

Neither of us have been in school since the accident. I am thinking of actually dropping out. Megan thinks I'm absolutely crazy, but I want to pursue my music career.

She is also supportive of it though, but she is always skeptical thinking I can do it after school.

The problem is, I want her to drop out and travel with me to do this. I won't be able to do it without her, but I don't know how to ask her.

Megan's pov

Today was hard, I have been tired more than usual lately, and I'm not sure why.

Me and Harry were just hanging out in the living room together, having a laugh. Relaxing. When I suddenly felt nausea.

I quickly ran to the bathroom to throw up, when I was done I saw Harry standing at the door looking at me with concern.

"Harry I'm fine, I just threw up, probably something i ate"

His face was full of horror and I was confused.

"Megan what the hell"

I looked down into the toilet, what I threw up was not anything I was blood. A ton if blood.

OMG so this chapter probably sucked but I have been so busy since it's the holidays! Thank you for all you support! Ily xxx

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