Suicidal love

Harry styles is far from happy. He suffers with depression, suffers from anxiety and also is suicidal. All he wants is a friend, he wants to feel happy. He nearly killed himself twice. What happens when he finally finds a friend? Will Harry recover and finally be happy? Or will he kill himself trying? Maybe it will all be too much for him, but can Megan help him through it? Read to find out!

I love Harry and I'm not trying to make him this way in my story on purpose! I really wanted a powerful love story and I'm kinda dedicating this to all the direct omers who are suicidal an guys are worth it. But if this offend story or upsets you in anyway please is not read because I don't want to make you sad. I love you!! Xx


6. chapter 6

(Ps, you should listen to don't let me go by Harry styles)

Chapter 6

Oh my god. That's all that was going through my head at the sight of her. I started crying as I bent down to pick her up. I wrapped her arms that she slashed horribly with a towel that was laying around in the bathroom.

I rushed to my car, while everyone was staring at her. They were all too drink to truly care though. I even smelt alchohal on Megan, she must have been drinking.

I put her in the passenger seat of my car and was on my way to the emergency room.

I looked over at her and grabbed her hand.

"Please don't leave me....your my angel" I whispered to her as I started speeding.

She can't leave me, not after everything she has helped me with just by being my friend. If she left it would be the end of me for sure. She was the one who held me together when I met her.

I finally arrived at the hospital, jumped out of my car and picked up Megan. I ran inside still in tears, yelling for help.

Quickly I received help and the nurses took her to one of the rooms to help her. I started following them back with her, not letting to of her hand, but they wouldn't let me. I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, whispered in her ear "don't let me go" then slowly let go of her hand.

*hours later*

I was still in the waiting room, it was already 3am and I started getting extremely worried. I suddenly realized how worried her parents must be. I didn't know there number, so as I tried to get myself to ago crying, which I have been doing since this all started, I called my mum.

"Hey, mum?"

"Harry? Where are you?!" My mum yelled.

"The hospital" I said as my voice cracked.

"What? Why?!" My mum started to sound worried.

"Megan...she almost killed herself" I started bawling my eyes out again.

"Oh my god...Harry I'll be right there okay?"

"Well I was wondering if you. Like inform her parents, they live right next door and are probably just as worried as I am."

"I will, I'll call you when I get there honey...bye"

"Bye mum, and thanks" I cried.

I hung up the three my phone across the room. My anger couldn't control itself, I started screaming at the top of my lungs. She had to be okay, she just had too.

One of the nurses rushed over to me to help me calm down, and I just fell to the ground in so much pain. I couldn't stop crying, I didn't know if I would have anymore tears left soon.

Suddenly the doctor cam out, and I went silent looking at him with a hurt and concerned expression.

"Sir, I have some news for you, if you will sit down"

"What is it? Is she okay? Please tell me she is okay" I cried.

"She is in critical condition....she lost a lot of blood...we don't know if she will make it"

I stared at him with disbelief. She was going to make it, she was so strong. She was an angel, my angel.

"There has got to be some w-way"

"Well we can't find any blood donors, matching her blood type at least...she needs to have the same blood type as her donor and she has a rare blood type that is only found in certain people. Of we can't find a donor here soon, she may not make it"

"Test me"


"I said test me...maybe we have the same blood type" I said as I bawled my eyes out.

"Are you sure?"

"Please..." I begged him.

"alright...follow me back here"

I got up and followed him to the back room to test my blood. If I didn't have the same blood type I would search the world in a split second, I wanted to save her any way possible.

He tested me then sent me back out to the waiting room, where I waited anxiously for the tests to come back. Soon the doctor came back with a surprised look on his face.

"You have the same blood type....I was amazed. But are you sure you want to go through with this? There is a risk of you giving too much blood and getting sick."

"I don't care...I want t do this now."

*next morning*

Megan's pov

I opened my eyes and at first everything was blurry, I think I'm dead. I looked round at the room I was in as my sight became clearer.

I was in a hospital bed, I wasn't dead. Shit. I looked beside me to see Harry laying in a bed also, he was sleeping.

I was suddenly confused, I didn't remember anything from last night, other than Kyle dumping me.

Why the hell are we both in the hospital?

Okay so I like this sucks right now...but thanks for reading it anyway! I love you and thank you for your nice comments! Xxxx

Why the hell were we both in the hospital?

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