Suicidal love

Harry styles is far from happy. He suffers with depression, suffers from anxiety and also is suicidal. All he wants is a friend, he wants to feel happy. He nearly killed himself twice. What happens when he finally finds a friend? Will Harry recover and finally be happy? Or will he kill himself trying? Maybe it will all be too much for him, but can Megan help him through it? Read to find out!

I love Harry and I'm not trying to make him this way in my story on purpose! I really wanted a powerful love story and I'm kinda dedicating this to all the direct omers who are suicidal an guys are worth it. But if this offend story or upsets you in anyway please is not read because I don't want to make you sad. I love you!! Xx


4. chapter 4

Chapter 4

Megan's pov

"I should be the one asking you that, your the one who fell from the tree." He laughed trying to make it a joke.

But I wasn't laughing, not one bit. I knew he wanted to forget about it but how could I just move past it when I did the same thing to myself?

I wanted to help him like he is helping me.

I quickly lifted my sleeve to show him the vast amount of slashes on my arm.

He stared at my arm in confusion and by this time we were both holding back our tears.

"I know what those slashes were....I have the same ones" I said softly as I started crying.

It went silent for a few moments, all that was heard was the both of us crying.

"Come here..." Harry said in a cracked voice as he held out his arms for a hug.

I accepted his hug and we both were tightly hugging each other as we cried.

"I will help you fight Harry, as long as you promise to help me too" I whispered to him.

"I'll try my best, we can do this" he whispered back.

The rest of the night we sat up in his fort talking about everything, about our depression, our life, everything. We were both becoming really close and I was glad we were.

Harry's pov

I was finally feeling better, god has sent me an angel and she understood everything I was going through, she promised to help me and be my friend, and I promised her the same.

I felt things might actually work out from now on. But my depression was still there and so was hers, it would be a bumpy rode and I hope we can both hold on....together.

*next day at school*

Harry's pov

Me and Megan really bonded last night, sitting up in my fort. We both know almost everything about each other, even though it's only been two days, we were best friends.

Me and her were at lunch, and I sat with her in the cafeteria once again, praying I wouldn't get made fun of or bullied. We were both laughing at each other's jokes as that jock who pushed me yesterday came over and sat with me and Megan.

He gave me a evil look and then leaned over to miss Megan. What the fuck?

Megan's pov

As I was laughing I noticed Kyle came and sat by me, and the. He quickly leaned over to me and kissed me. I felt butterflies going crazy in my stomach. We haven't even made it official yet, we also still haven't gone on our first date...but I liked it.

"Hey babe" Kyle said after he kissed me.

"Hey....I believe you have something to say to Harry, am I correct?" I whispered to him.

"Of course, I'll be right back babe" he said as he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and motioned for Harry to follow him out into the hall.

"He needs to talk to you about yesterday" I said motioning for him to follow Kyle.

Harry's pov

I didn't know what he wanted, but I got up and followed him anyway, maybe Megan's niceness rubbed off on him and he is deciding to apologize.

We were the only two in the hall and I stood there shaken with fear.

"What are you so worried about? Your so pathetic" Kyle laughed.

"I'm not worried" I lied.

" need to stay away from Megan"

I was so confused. Is that why Megan forced me to come out here with him? She wants me to leave her alone?


"You heard me, leave her alone you pathetic dweeb. If you talk to her or hang out with her I will do something you don't want me to do to your best friend" Kyle threatened me.

"What the hell would you do to her?" I asked getting angry.

"I'll break her heart in the worst way possible" Kyle smiled. "Oh and don't tell Megan about our little talk or I will make your life miserable."

He was about to leave when he punched me in the stomach leaving me scrunched up on the ground, in pain.

I couldn't believe he would do that to Megan. He just fucking kissed her, and apperranly they are dating. He is taking advantage of her and using her probably just to make out and cheat on her. I hated this, just when I finally made a friend, we have to separated.

I went into the bathroom stalls, like my usual day. Like nothng happened. I needed to figure out something to do but I couldn't think of anything. I didn't want him to hurt Megan in any way, because if she truly is just like me, she will break if it happens.

I was lost and confused, waiting for an idea to pop into my head, but it was hopeless. I was hopeless.

I know this chapter is short and I said I wasn't going to post till tomorrow but I couldn't wait and I was bored! Again so sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes and thank you for reading! Thank u for everything!! Ily xx

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