Seventeen year old Emily Walter's life was a complete and utter disaster. Years after her mother passes away her father decides to move them to a little town called Allentown, Georgia to escape the past that their current home has. Will this move be good for them or will it just bring her more trouble than what she already has to deal with?


1. The Move

Hey guys this is a new story that im writing. This is only the first chapter but i hope you like it. Enjoy! :)


"I still don't understand why we have to move!" This was about the thousand time that i had yelled at my dad while angrily packing my bags. "You know why, now stop complaining and finish packing Emily. We're leaving in an hour" replied my dad. His voice sounded far away. He's probably in his room packing. I groaned and plopped myself down on my bed. I flipped over and stuffed my face into my pillow yelling into it out of frustration. I still didn't understand why my dad wanted to move hundred's of miles away from our home. This was where i was raised, where we lived our whole life. Leaving now seemed like a bad thing to do. Just thinking about it made a knot form in my throat.

I stood up from my bed and walked to my dresser across the room. Scattered around was the small amount of make up that i owned, a trophy from second grade that I received for perfect attendance, and a picture of my mother and I. Looking at it always brought back a flood of memories, good and bad, from that particular day.In the picture my mother had me up in her arms smiling down at me while i looked straight into the camera wearing the biggest cheesiest smile. I remember it like it was just yesterday that my parents and i were all laughing and enjoying ourselves in the small park around the corner from our house before i received the tragic news.


"Stop daddy put me down!" I screamed as i laughed hysterically. I was up in my father's arms soaring through the sky. My father making airplane noises before finally putting me down next to my mother on the blanket spread out on the grass. My parents and I were in the same familiar park that we visited every weekend. I watched as mother took out all of the snacks that we had prepared before arriving at the park before saying "Ok guys dig in". I instantly grabbed a few things before munching on them noisily, making a few "mmm's" in between bites to show how delicious everything was.

After we had all finished eating no one said anything. We sat there in complete silence, each of us looking different directions enjoying the view. I was looking at a few birds resting on one of the park benches before my mother spoke. "Sweetie, daddy and I have to talk to you about something very important." I looked away from the birds and gave my parents my full attention. I noticed my mother's watery eyes and instantly knew something was wrong. I watched as my mother opened and closed her mouth not knowing what to say. Noticing the conflict my mother was going through my father spoke up. "Honey, mommy is very...sick. She hasn't been feeling well lately and so she has to go to the doctor's for a while until she gets better." I looked up at them not knowing what to say. I didn't want my mother to leave me. Who knows how long she'll be gone. Maybe i could go and stay with her at the doctor's. Yeah, that's what I'll do.

As if reading my mind my mother spoke," And no you can't stay with mommy, but don't worry I promise I'll get better soon and we can all be together again." I looked up at her before lowering my head and slowly nodding and mumbling and "ok".

End of Flashback


I soon realized that everything wouldn't be ok. That all that my parents were telling me were lies. My mother had gotten worse as the months went by and all that i could do was watch helplessly as each day she slowly slipped away from my life. At last the dreadful day had arrived. Mother had passed away a year after she had started treatment for her cancer. The doctors had told us that it was only a matter of time before she finally let go. I guess she decided that the right time to do that was a week before my birthday. I was devastated. I felt alone and scared without my mother being there for me. No one suffered quite like my father, however. He was crushed. He had lost his other half, his partner in life, his best friend and there was nothing anyone could do to bring her back.

I slipped back into reality when i heard my father's voice next to me. " Don't dwell on the past honey. Its in the past for a reason. It's time to move forward. It's time to let go". I turned around to face my father and watched as he wiped a few tears that had escaped my eyes. "This move will be good for you. For us. Think of it as a fresh start." He smiled down at me looking expectantly as if waiting for me to answer, but all i could do was shake my head up and down to show that i agreed with him. He squeezed my shoulder lightly before kissing my cheek and walking out of my room. " Finish packing. We're leaving in about a half hour".

My father was right. It was time for a fresh start, a new beginning. With new found determination I finished packing all of my belongings before slowly picking up the photo and setting it above my clothes silently making a promise to my mother and myself that i would make the best out of this move. I would move on and start fresh. I closed the last of my suitcases before hauling them downstairs and into the car where my father was already waiting for me. I looked up at our old home memorizing every single detail about it. The old, chipped paint, the bright red door that my mother had insisted on putting up, the big tree in the yard and the swing that was tied to a branch sticking out that my father had put up when i was younger. I looked over it once more before getting inside the car and buckling up. "Ready?" my father asked. I looked up at him. Such a simple question, yet it held many meaning behind it. Was i ready to move on? Was i ready to start fresh and finally let go? Was i ready to start living life like how im sure my mother would want me to? I pondered these questions inside my head before looking at my father again. I smiled at him and for the first time my smile felt real.



Hey guys i hoped you enjoyed the first chapter. This chapter was just to give a bit of information as to why they are moving to a whole new place. To introduce Emily and her father. Anyways that's all i have to say so I'll shut up now :p BYE.

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