Seventeen year old Emily Walter's life was a complete and utter disaster. Years after her mother passes away her father decides to move them to a little town called Allentown, Georgia to escape the past that their current home has. Will this move be good for them or will it just bring her more trouble than what she already has to deal with?


3. New School

I woke up to a pounding on my door. Groggily I pulled the covers off my head and looked around. I had forgotten that we were in a new house. My room was different, my life was now different. "Emily wake up! You're gonna be late for you first day of school" my father yelled while repeatedly knocking on my door. I rolled my eyes, grateful that he couldn't see me doing it through the door. What was the point of going to school if all i was going to do was sit there and daydream while the teachers went on and on about whatever sucky subject they decided to major in. It was torture and completely unnecessary! Yet i still needed to attend and unless i wanted my dad to break down my door i had to get up.

"Im up, stop with the knocking!" i screamed. 

"Well someone woke up grumpy" my dad said before I heard his retreating footsteps. I waited until i couldn't hear anything before i stood up and headed for the shower. I took a nice, long shower until i decided to get out and start getting ready. I put on my favorite pair of jeans with a black tank top. I put on my jean jacket over it and slipped on my black converse before turning to do my hair and makeup. I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn't help but to think of my mother. Many had told me that i was the spitting image of her, with my long brown wavy hair, dark brown eyes and short height. Yet i couldn't help but to feel so plain and ordinary about myself, whereas my mother was the opposite. She always seemed to shine and stand out. She was outgoing, social, and fun, like a teenager. I on the other hand was quiet, shy, and socially awkward. My father had always joked about how i wasn't their daughter and that they had found me laying around somewhere.  I guess at the time it seemed hilarious. 

I finished applying my makeup, some mascara and eyeliner, before heading down the stairs to the kitchen. I looked at the clock on the wall and saw i only had ten minutes to get to school. Darn, i would have to skip breakfast. Oh well. I picked up an apple and took a bite of it. I walked out of the house to the car where my dad was already waiting for me. I got in and my we backed out of the driveway heading to my new school. I hope i would go unnoticed today. I really didn't like getting any attention.

As usual what i want is never what i get. As soon as i stepped out of the car and my dad drove away i turned to look up at the school and noticed half of the students outside looking at me. My face started to heat up and I instantly looked away and at the floor. I hurriedly walked to the front of the doors of the school before finally looking up and releasing a breath that i didn't even realize i was holding. My eyes scanned the inside of the school before landing on a sign. Front Office. I walked towards it and went inside. The woman at the front desk instantly looked up and smiled at me.

"Good morning. What can I help you with?" she asked. Her voice was slightly higher than what was normal. I took in her appearance. She had thick rimmed glasses resting on her face and a bright red shade of lipstick was expertly applied on her lips.

"I'm new here. I need to pick up my schedule" I answered her. She instantly stood up and walked to a pile of papers on a desk across the room. She came back and handed me a piece of paper. I glanced down at it memorizing my schedule. Not bad. I can handle this. "Good luck and have a great day" she said before returning to her desk and returning her attention to her computer. I mumbled a thanks and went out into the hallways. I saw that i had math first period. Great. I walked mindlessly trying to find room 221 not paying attention to where i was going when i suddenly crashed into a wall. I looked up and saw that the wall was actually a person. A really tall person.

"Sorry, my bad" i said embarrassed. The person i bumped into slightly chuckled. The sound was so deep, it sent shivers down my back. I shuddered slightly hoping that the guy wouldn't have noticed the effect he had on me. He did.

"What's wrong, are you cold?" he asked. I looked up at him to find him smirking, looking down at me. I knew i was most likely staring at him, but it was hard not to. He was flawless. His eyes were a shade of grey and blue mixed together, a straight perfect nose, these amazing full lips, and black hair, long enough for me to run my hands through it as i attacked those luscious full lip of his with mine and-

"Are you done staring cause this is starting to feel a bit weird" he said. His voice instantly broke me out of my thoughts. I saw him looking down at me with a knowing smile. That jerk! He knows what he's doing to me. I felt my face heat up with embarrassment at being caught staring at him so openly.

"I'm just playing with you. What's your name?" he asked.

"Emily" i responded softly. I was surprised he had heard me.

"Well Emily, it seems as if you are lost. Don't worry I am here now. No need to wander around like a lost puppy anymore, follow me". With that he turned around and started to walk in the opposite direction. I stood there shocked at was happening. Did the hottest guy to ever walk this planet seriously just talk to me? Was this some kind of joke for me being the new girl or was i still in my house asleep? Was i dreaming all of this? I pinched my forearm and hissed when i felt pain. Nope, i wasn't sleeping. This is really happening. I started walking towards him noticing that he was now about to turn a hallway. Walking behind him, i couldn't help but to admire his back side. He had big, broad shoulders. His shirt was clung to him just enough to show off his body. No doubt he had amazing abs.

"I'm Brian by the way" he said, interrupting my thoughts. "It seems that we have first and last period together" I was about to ask him how he knew that but i noticed that he had my schedule in his hands. Wow, was I out of it that much if i didn't even notice him grabbing the paper?

Throughout the day Brian showed me around the school, had lunch with me and escorted me to my classes. Overall he was a nice guy. After school had ended he even offered to drive me home, which I immediately accepted. When dropping me off he waved goodbye to me as he pulled out of the driveway and drove away. I stood there staring at him drive away before going inside. I plopped down on the couch with a huge smile on my face. What an amazing first day.


Brian's POV

"This is going to be too easy" I said to myself as I drove away from Emily's house with a smirk on my face. "I am so going to win this bet".


Hello i hope you enjoyed this chapter.  I"ll try to have a another chapter up as soon as possible.I apologize for any mistakes. Happy Reading :)

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