Bad Boy Justin Bieber is the most popular kid and the biggest player in school. Everyone kisses the land he walks on. But will everything change after Ryan's big party? Will Jenna spill his secret to the whole school?
Let's start reading to find out;)


4. The Party

Jenna came home school the next day. Exhausted & as usual, tired of Justins shit. She hadn't made any eye contact with Justin at her locker all day. She avoided him as much as possible. And at lunch, she stayed in class and helped her teacher hang up posters since Katie was gone on vacation and she had no one to have lunch with. She skipped English class cause there was no way she wanted too sit behind Justin. God knows how many ways he probably thought of too humiliate her. At least she was at home now, and didn't have too worry about running into him.

-Hey Jenna sweetie your home! About that party, I was going through your closet this morning and realized you have no cute dresses!

-Mom it's okay, I don't think I wanna go anyway

-Why not?! High-school parties are always a hit!

-I-I just don't feel well

-but the party is tomorrow darling, you'll feel better by then, c'mon sweetie imagine how many friends you could make


Her mom just stood there with a puzzled look on her face

-Jenna is something wrong?

-No Im sorry mom I didn't mean you yell it's just, like you said, I have no cute dresses and...I feel bad going without Katie

-Aw sweetie that's not a problem! Here is 150$ go buy yourself a dress and some cute heels or something! and as for Katie, she won't mind! She's probably having the time of her life on vacation!

Well fuck. There was no way out of this anymore. Jenna smiled at her mother and took the money.

-Thank you so much mom, I love you

-I love you too sweetie, now go buy yourself something cute


*At the mall*

Every dress Jenna layed her eyes was like love at first sight. She tried on different kinds and finally found a cute blue sparkly dress a little above her knees. It was kinda slutty, but Jenna didn't give a fuck. After that she bought a cute pair of matching earrings and heels and headed home.

-hey sweetie your home!! Lemme see your dress! What'd you get?

-I got a dress, earrings and heels...but, I'm not sure you'll approve of the dress..I'll return it if you want

Jenna pulled out the dress from the bag and her mom stared at in amazement

-Sweetie that nots even inappropriate! I used to wear mini dresses all the time! It's beautiful!

Jenna smiled at how understanding her mom was and went to her room. How am I supposed to go to the party when Justin hates my fuckin guts? She thought. She decided she'd stay for an hour with avoiding Justin, and then go home.

The night of the party came around and Jenna was sitting in her room on Facebook reading everyone's status, which where all about how "sick" this party was gonna be. That's when Jenna's mom came

-Jenna why aren't you ready!!? It's almost time for the party

-I was just on Facebook I'll get ready now

After Jenna took a shower and blow dried her long beautiful brown hair, she put on the dress and some makeup and jewelry. She felt hot. She felt kinda like a slut, but whatever no one could judge her. She made her way downstairs. Butterflies in her stomach, what if justin saw her? What would he do?

-aw honey you look beautiful!

-thanks mom

-no problem sweetie. Here are the car keys. If you need me just text me. Drive safe!

-Thanks bye! I'll be back soon

-Have fun bye love you!!

Jenna got into her moms car and drove away. She'd never been to a high school party before. And what would she tell Katie? What would she do if Justin saw her there? All these thoughts kept running through her head. But she had too put them aside and focus on her driving. She finally arrived at the party. The music was blasted, people where dancing, so many where drink, the house looked trashed, and there was ALOT of alcohol. Jenna felt more than just slightly awkward, being among strangers. She made her way through the large crowd and noticed stairs. She was just about to make her way upstairs but she spotted Justin who looked VERY drunk. He was so drunk he couldn't even walk properly. It looked like he was gonna pass out any second. Jenna's heart started beating really fast. He walked up to her and grabbed her around the waist.

-Hey babe let's go fuck

Jenna was more than shocked. What the fuck? He was so drunk he didn't even know what he was saying. He brought her upstairs pulling her by the waist.

-Justin bro where you going I need your help with some shit

Jenna heard Ryan's voice from behind but as soon as she was about to look back Justin took her to a room and shut the door.

-Justin what the fuck are you doing let me leave!

-aw c'mon babe the fun hasn't even begun yet

-Ew you fucking prick I am not having sex with you

Jenna realized Justin was way too drunk to realize who he was talking too.

-oh c'mon baby don't be so silly

She was just about to open the door and leave when justin violently grabbed her wrist and slammed her back against the wall and leaned on top of her.

-Babe your not going anywhere

He whispered in her ear standing against her, pressing his body against hers. Jenna tried as hard as she could too get out of his lock, but he was too strong. He slid his hands up her dress and forced his tongue into her mouth. Jenna violently bit his tongue and she was finally free from his lock.


She tried making her way out again but he grabbed her wrist again. Jenna was in tears. She used all her force and pushed justin really hard. His head hit the wall and he fell to the bed, unconscious.


Jenna ran over over to him to see if his head was bleeding or if he had any injury but luckily he didn't. She was just about to leave when she noticed something on the floor. His licens . Which probably fell out of his wallet. She read the name.

-Lesley Bieber?

She was shocked and confused.

-JUSTINNN! where are you bro?!

fuck!it was Ryan. Jenna put the license in her purse and ran outside of the house as fast as she could. She got In her car and drove away, speeding. Several thoughts where running through her head. She just wanted to be dead at this point. She got home and her mom was laying on the couch.

-Hey sweetie! House was it?

-it was good I'm really tired going to bed goodnight

She ran upstairs and slammed the door of her room. She layed on her bed and shoved her face in her pillow. The night replayed through her mind and she couldn't help but cry...

Thank you so much for reading!! I hope you like the story so far! I've been trying my best! I might take a while too publish the next chapter since it's Christmas break, and I got braces today! My teeth kill alott!:/ I'll try my very beset to write over the break, please comment and let me know what you think. Maybe the comments will make me wanna write more;) love you<3 thank you so much! Merry Christmas!

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