Bad Boy Justin Bieber is the most popular kid and the biggest player in school. Everyone kisses the land he walks on. But will everything change after Ryan's big party? Will Jenna spill his secret to the whole school?
Let's start reading to find out;)


5. Karma's A Bitch

Jenna woke up the next morning, thankful it was Saturday and she didn't have to go to school and face Justin. Has he noticed his license is missing? Does he remember what happened last night? Jenna wished she could ask Justin these questions, but it wasn't an option. She got out of bed and went downstairs. Her mom wasn't home. Most likely at work. She sat down on the couch. Too lazy to make breakfast or get shower. She sat there alone thinking about last night. She grabbed her purse and searched through it for the license she took from Justin. She re read the name over and over. "Lesley Bieber" was this Justins real name? Was this his big secret?

Back at Ryan's place, everyone was Just waking up. People where wasted from last night, there where people sleeping in the bathtub, toilet, under the couch, anywhere. Justin woke up in a room and was slightly confused. He forgot where he was for a second. He walked out of the room and walked over in the kitchen too see Ryan cleaning up.

-Yo man Justin, finally your up

-yeah Dude last night was hectic

Said Justin while rubbing his head and squinting his eyes open

-Bro my house is trashed

-Chill. I'll help clean it up

-thanks bro get all these people out

Justin went into the living room


Everyone got up all exhausted while Justin escorted them too the door. He went back to the kitchen where Ryan was still cleaning up. Justin helped and about 2 hours later the house was clean.

-wow Justin I'm impressed the house is sparkling. Thanks for helping man.

-Eh, don't thank me, what are friends for

They sat down on the couch to get some rest

-so how'd u like the party last night

-man I don't even remember half of it I was fuckin wasted

-seemed like u had fun

-I fucked so many bitches that's all I know man

-same man. I fucked this hot blonde chick. It was rough

They both laughed and Justin saw the time

-man I should get going where's my phone?

-I don't know haven't seen it, maybe someone stole it? Or check upstairs

They both went upstairs and checked the rooms and found his phone on the floor, next to his wallet.

-yo Ryan stop lookin found it! & and I found my wallet too!

Ryan came in

-That's good I'm glad it's not stoling

-yeah and I found my wallet too. Didn't even realize I lost that

Justin opened the wallet and noticed his license was missing.

-oh fuck no no no this can't be happening fuck!!

-what happened?!

-My license isn't in here!!. Fuck bro what do we do I can't let anyone know my real name. Fuck

Ryan was the only one to know Justin's secret, besides his parents. He knew how big of a secret this was for Justin so tried to calm his best friend down.

-Dude, chill, what if you just lost it somewhere here? What if it fell out of your wallet?

-No someone probably fucking stole it. Man I'm scared. What if they tell everyone in school?! What's gonna happen?!!

-Chill, no ones gonna tell anyone anything. Just help me look for it. It could be somewhere here.

They searched every corner of the house. But couldn't find Justin's license. Justin and Ryan sat down on the couch

Hours later the two friends finally gave up trying too find the license.

-Sorry dude...I think that license is stolen.

Justins face was red and sweaty. His face raged with anger

-So what the fuck am I gonna do? Someone took my license with my biggest secret on it and now they're gonna try to ruin my life. I can't even fucking drive anymore. This is all my parents fault. Why'd they have too fucking name me such a gay name.

-chill Justin. You'll get your license back.


-I don't know...maybe you could make an announcement at school Saying whoever has it please return it too you for a prize or something

-yeah. Totally. I'm gonna tell the whole school my licence with my real name on it is missing and I need it. Yeah that's not gonna make anyone suspicious at all.

-cut down on the sarcasm bro. I mean you could say you lost your wallet..all people are gonna think your loosing is money.

-that's actually good! Yo dude I'm gonna do that first thing Monday. Hopefully someone returns it.

Justin got some hope thanks too Ryan's idea. Justin went home still a little nervous but still he had hope.

Sorry about how short this chapter was! I haven't written since before Christmas! I've been busy with exams and now second semester has started:$ ill try updating more I promise! I know this chapter wasn't the best:/ hope u all had an amazing Christmas and happy new year. Oh and since it's almost Valentines day, happy valentines day! Thank you for reading! Please comment and become a fan. Love you!!:)

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