Bad Boy Justin Bieber is the most popular kid and the biggest player in school. Everyone kisses the land he walks on. But will everything change after Ryan's big party? Will Jenna spill his secret to the whole school?
Let's start reading to find out;)


1. Just The Beginning

"Alright class please take out your summaries for Romeo and Juliet which was your homework from last night"

Ms. Kotes walked around the class checking off finished and unfinished homework. "Good, good, done, oh and why aren't you done your homework this time Mister Bieber?" Justin Bieber. Also known as the most popular and biggest player in school, not to mention biggest jerk. He was a fuck and dump kinda guy. Every girl was madly in love with him. Except Jenna, who was in the same English class as Justin. She hated his guts.

- Well ms Kotes, my aunt broke her leg this weekend and as the gentleman I am, I decided it was my responsibility to help her around her house.

- Wow I'm impressed, you truly are a gentleman. I'll give you till the end of this week to finish it

-Thanks You for understand ms kotes

Justin turned around and winked at his best friend Ryan. Jenna felt a rage of anger and wanted to punch Justin in the face. How the fuck do teachers always buy his lame excuses. If anything, he wasn't a gentleman, he was a fuckin dick. Jenna absolutely hated her English class, mainly because Justin was in it. And she sat right behind him and in front of Ryan. She hated everytime time Justin turned around to wink or do some stupid code shit to Ryan. His face irritated her. More like his existence.

Finally lunch time came around and Jenna walked to her locker to get her lunch. Her locker, a place she also hated, why? because it was 2 down from Justins. She hated Justin standing near her locker with a bunch of desperate girls drooling over him. He's not even hot Jenna thought too herself.

-Hay gurll

-Heyy Kate

Katie was Jenna's best friend. They met this year in the yearbook committee. Katie was like the other girls, In love with Justin.

-OMG jenna u are so lucky to have a locker near him oh my lord I wish he was my boyfriend

-um Katie you do realize he'd probably just fuck you and then dump you like he's done with every other girl right?

-Aw c'mon Jen, he probably isn't that bad I mean he's probably the sex god considering so many girls have had sex with him like mm that boy can fuck me any day

-Are you done? Or should I find someone else to have lunch with?

-gee okay sorry

They walked into the cafeteria to find Justin and his "crew" siting at the front tables.

-let's go to the back

Katie and Jenna sat down near the back and not a lot of talking was going on.

-Kate I'm sorry I totally bitched at you I mean, if you like him go make a move or something

-Jen didn't you just say he's a fuck and dump?

-yeah well at least you can fuck


-Then go make a move!

Jenna smiled as her best friend nervously walked up to her dream guy and talked to him

-um h-hey Justin I'm Katie

-oh hey Katie are you the schools new maid? Here's my garbage go toss it out will ya?

Justin threw his trash at Katie while his crew high fived him and walked out of the cafeteria leaving Katie shocked....

Andd that was the end of this chapter! The story gets way better along the way:P Thank you so much for reading<3 pleasaeeeee comment and like and become a fan so I know I Actaully have readers! Knowing I have readers will keep me motivated too keep writing! Oh and I have nothing against Justin I'm a Belieber all the way<3 Lol anyway please comment what you think so I can continue to write:) Bye! Cya chapter 2! Thank you for reading<3

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