story of my life

this is about me and my life hope you enjoy! {this is not real this is about a girl named Emma}


4. dear diary pt.3

here this is my friend layla she is going to write this part.

Hey Emma's diary, Layla here umm I don't really know what to say ive never done this, oh your probly waiting for me to tell you what happened today. Well we were in gym class today and me and Emma were on the being weird " like normal " and so bitchy mc rose wants to come up to us and just stare at us like uhg I cant explain it ooh I just wanted tear her head off omg it was horrible ok back to today. Rose was standing there and I complemented her on her shoes you know trying to be my normal happy nice self  "  not realy :p " and she wants to start staring at me! Ooh I could've killed her ok then she said I bet my shoes cost more then you will ever make In your life time. Ok anyone who knows me knows that im the one that ends it soo I stared at her for a second then wacked her in the face with my fist tthats what I wanted to do ever since I went to this damn school!!

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