story of my life

this is about me and my life hope you enjoy! {this is not real this is about a girl named Emma}


1. dear diary pt.1

Dear diary,
Today the boy that I like Niall, said "hi." I know its not much but I do really like him. Even though he is dating Rose. God how I hate that girl allwas bulling me. well im the girl who nobody really likes because I only have on friend. She helps me through no matter what Rose puts me through. I am surprised that im her only friend. She is a smart beautiful teen. She really needs to stop duoting herself. Me on the other hand. I am the most ugliest girl on the planet. I will talk to you tomorrow!
hey guys! hope you like this chapter! if anyone wants to be my best friend just tell me your name what you look like and a reson why you would like to! thanks a bunch! I love you all my little foxes X] bye and ill see you tomorrow!

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