My bestfriends cousins

What happens when Abigail (Abby for short) meets a handsome boy at her best friend's birthday party? Will it last or just be a one time thing? Read to find out


12. truth or dare? DARE!!



The move finished. I liked it but I was kind of tired. It was 2in the morning now and it was just Leo Sara Billy Bryana Andrew David James Serena Mikeca Jacob and me. Every body left a while ago. It was just us because we are closer to Sara. We are going to unwrap her presents. She got a lot of cool and nice stuff. Now we r playing bored games. We played clue life monopoly. I win at life cause I'm the best.

Now we are in a circle playing truth or dare mixed with spin the the bottle. You have to spin the bottle an witch ever person it lands on has to do a truth or dare for you and if you don't do it you have to make out with them

(s for Sara a for Abby l for Leo d for David bi for Billy an for Andrew j for James Se for Serena m for Mikeca ja for Jacob)

J I dare you Serena to lick Mikeca's foot

Se hell no!

S you would rather make out with James then lick Mikeca's foot.

Se you're right. Mikeca give me your foot. She licked it and then drank a whole bottle of beer.

B I dare you billy to make Sara moan loud enough for us to hear

Bi okay

S what! No!

Bi we don't even have to do it in here right?

B yep you just have to be loud

S fine

they go into a closet and 4 minutes later we hear grunting and moaning. they come out with there hair messed up, Billy's pants are unzipped, Sara's shirt is inside out. they must of had fun because they were panting to.

S I dare you Leo to make out with Abby until we say stop

(Leo's provo)

 S I dare you Leo to make out with Abby until we say stop

As i herd that i suddenly got happy inside. But i also got nervous. What if she doesn't like it? just be yourself and do it

(Abby's provo)

Should i do this? Im really nervous. yeah i like him and think he is hot….. Yeah I'm going to do this. I see him coming over. I stand up I don't know why but i just did.

He stares in to my eyes and picks me up because he is 6 inches taller then me for i can reach him. I just rap my legs around him. and we both lean in till we feel each others lips. i just felt fireworks exploding from our mouths. Like no one else was in the room just us. he licks my bottom lip for entrance but i denied it to him to teases him. he squeezes my but and i open my mouth a little to say oh  and he just puts his tung in before i could say any thing. it started to get really heated. he back up into the wall. i could feel his dick get harder and harder by the second. he moved his hands down to the hem of my shirt. Just as he was going to pick up my shirt someone yelled stop!

(Leo's provo )

She stood up when i walked over to her. i thought it was cute

we stare in to each others  eyes and i pick her up . she raps her legs around me. and we both lean in till we feel each others lips. i  felt a bomb go of in my stomach as i kissed her. It was like i knew she was the one. Like no one else was in the room just us. I lick her bottom lip for entrance but i got denied it. Oh she likes to tease i will giver her a taste of her own medicine. I squeeze Her but and she opens  her mouth i put my tung in before she could say anything. it started to get really heated. I back up into the wall.I started to get harder and harder. I moved my hands down to the hem of her shirt. Just as i was going to pick up her shirt someone yelled stop!








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