My bestfriends cousins

What happens when Abigail (Abby for short) meets a handsome boy at her best friend's birthday party? Will it last or just be a one time thing? Read to find out


4. the fight

(Abby's provo)

He turned around and said "Watch were your going!"

A "Watch where I'm going? Maybe i won't have to if you weren't such a blind ass drunk fuck!"

S "Well maybe if you were skinnier you wouldn't crash into every one!"

Then everybody went ohhhh he shouldn't of have done that. I am considered to have some *A LOT* of anger issues and the school badass.

I know i promised Sara I wouldn't get in to a fight but I just couldn't help my self. I just kneed him right in the balls after he said that. Then he grabbed my wrist and slapped me in the face. he shouldn't of done that too. I punched him in the jaw right as the tall hot guy I saw earlier came out and grabbed me. I fought back and elbowed him ind the lower stomach seined he was so tall and i was small. Then Gabireal came out and tackled me down.

I finally clamed down then Sara came and found me. She had a very mad face on.

S what happened?!

A You know what happened. 

S yes but I want to hear it form you.

A fine. I bumped into Sati and he told me to watch where I was going and I lost it. I called him a blind ass drunk fuck. and then he called me fat. That's when I really lost it. I kneaded him in the stomach and then he slapped me and then I punched him in he jaw. Then a guy came out and tried to calm me down but it didn't worked and I just elbowed him in the stomach. Then Gaberial came out and tackle me and now I'm here. 

S I told you no fights. And now two of my cousins are hurt.

A Oh the tall hot guy was your cousin. I didnt know that. And you have to side with me. You know how my parents treated me.

I was abused and treated really badly by my parents. Sara is the only person I open up to about it. 

S I know it wasn't completely your fought. And you were pretty bad ass. 

S A hahaha

A Now can we just go out and have a great time?

S Yeah but first you have to go take care of my cousin.

A What why?!

S No my tall hot cousin haha

A ok



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