My bestfriends cousins

What happens when Abigail (Abby for short) meets a handsome boy at her best friend's birthday party? Will it last or just be a one time thing? Read to find out


8. I'm really clumsy today

(Abby's provo)

I ran out of Sara's room and went to the kitchen to get a drink and get drunk. I get three shots and a beer. I drink all three shots and take the beer to go.

I walk around to see if i know anybody. In the corner of my eye I see Bryana and Mikeca going up the stairs. I was so right. I spot Serena and Jacob talking in the corner so I go walk over there and see what they're talking about. 

A "Hey!"

S" Where have you been?"

A "Doing stuff for about you?"

S "Siting and talking her with Jacob.'

A "Wow that's really boring. Come dance with me."

S "No I'm fine."

A "Your boring"

I walk away and bump into Leo.

A "Sorry and hey "

L "No its ok and hey. I'm rely sorry about before."

B "It's fine."

L "Hey do you want to go dance?"

A "Yes!"


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