My bestfriends cousins

What happens when Abigail (Abby for short) meets a handsome boy at her best friend's birthday party? Will it last or just be a one time thing? Read to find out


3. arrival

(Abby's provo)

I'm getting ready for the party

I took a shower now I'm trying to find out what to where

I pick out a joker black crop top that says what doesn't kill you only makes you strangler tight jeans and spiky boots. I put my red lipstick a smokey eye and mascara on.

I get my leather jacket and head to my car to go pick up Bryana.

Skip the car ride

We arrive and I see a-bunch of people on the front porch but one person catches my eye. A tall hot guy with black head phones leaning against the railing. He looked quite annoyed. Witch made me mad because if he didn't want to be here why be here in the first place. I am very protective over my friends.

I parked my car and we got out. I was so excited. I was going to have so much fun. We went inside to find Sara but she was nowhere to be found. Bryana and I got spearated some how and then I bumped into the person I really don't want to see right now. Santi.


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