It'll all get better.....soon

*SEQUAL TO EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE...* Kayleigh has been shot by here adoptive father just after Zayn gets hit by a car. Will they both survive? Will Avalon have parents growing up? Fans arrive at the hospital soon enough to cause stress on everyone.


3. Gone?



         I wheeled over to Zayn barely able to see as the nurses and doctors moved out of the way for me. I tried to get up but a nurse came over "Mrs. Malik you need to stay seating in the wheel chair.

"Please I need to see him better please" I managed to choke out through tears, she backed away slowly for my to get up. I got up and held the bed and his hand. I leaned down crying and laid my head on head on his chest. Everyone left and Liam, Avalon, Niall, Maddie, Julie, Louis, Harry, and Cat with Darcy in her arms rushed in. right after left. Avalon seemed to somehow know now what was happening because she was crying so much wanting to see Zayn to when they came in.

          I kissed him one last time before Liam told me we had to go. His face tear stained as well as everyone else's besides Darcy's. I nodded I was dresses we've been here for a day and I was able to go home. I picked up Avalon who was crying clinging to Zayn.

"NO I DONT WANT TO GO! I DONT WANT TO LEAVE DADDY NO!" She cried harder clinging to him on the bed. I picked her up crying as well.

"I'm so sorry baby I don't want to go either, but we have to" I walked out with her crying on my shoulder.

          When we got outside fans were everywhere Liam pulled Julie close same as did Harry to Darcy and Cat, and Niall to Maddie. I cried missing the comfort and protectiveness of Zayn at my side. Avalon's arms tightened around me she's never been around this many fans without Zayn blocking most of them.

"Mummy I'm scared!"

"It's ok baby we are almost to the car" I walked faster ignoring the girls asking about Zayn.

        We got to the car and I stopped and turned around.

"Ok you guys keep asking about Zayn!" I tried my best to project my voice so everyone could hear me. "I'm going to tell you myself so you don't need to find out through paps" Liam put his hand on my shoulder. "Zayn yes did get hit by a car I didn't see it and he pushed my out of the way!" gasps came from everywhere. "Yes the man in the car was Michael (more gasps) yes he shot me but I'm fine" girls where already crying now I felt horrible. "Then there's the worst of all!" I began to cry again and Avalon picked her head of my shoulder and looked at the crowd more tears falling from her deep blue eyes. Fans smiled at her but stopped to notice it was very bad news if she was crying. "Zayn was able to recover properly and isn't with us anymore he p" I fell down crying not able to finish. Some fans got what I said and started crying.

"Zayn has passed away I'm so sorry girls" Liam hugged me and told the fans what I couldn't. One fan got loose from the security and ran towards me Liam got in front of me she easily darted him and hugged me and Avalon.

"I'm so sorry I know you two have the worst impact on it" her face wet from tears. I tried to fake a smile and hugged her back. Before I turned to get in the car a doctor ran through the crowd to me. He whispered something in my ear and I darted through the crowd back into the hospital. Leaving everyone at the car looking confused.




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