Two Worlds One Fate

This is before One Direction became a band, it is based in London, (I know Niall is from Ireland but it was the best idea for it), it is senior year. Please read and comment! This is my first fan fiction!


8. Chapter 8

Today was the day Abbey’s first tennis tournament of the season. She made Varsity and was playing as number 1 Singles.  For those who don’t know tennis terms a slice is a specific way to hit the ball so that the ball travels slow and short.

Abbey’s POV

“Are you ready Abbey, remember what I taught you. Always keep moving your feet, also make sure when you go hit the ball remember to always follow through. And serve all you have on your first serves.” –Abbey’s coach Caitlyn

“Thanks coach, I think I am ready.” –Abbey

“Well we have to wait a little bit until you get called, and when you do I will be over there.” –Coach Caitlyn

Abbey finishes talking to Coach and looks around to see if she sees anyone that she knows that has come to see the tournament. When she saw her family and there was Niall and Kaylee and Eleanor and Perrie and their boyfriends. Abbey ran over to talk to them.

“Hey guys thanks so much for coming! It means so much to me!” –Abbey

“No problem Abbey! We wouldn’t miss it for anything. Liam and Rachel couldn’t make it though. Rachel is sick and Liam had to go out of town with his family.” –Eleanor

“Oh that’s ok, I understand.” –Abbey

“Hey Niall.” –Abbey

“Hey Abbey, good luck today!” –Niall

“Thanks!” –Abbey said when she accidently dropped her racket.

Abbey thinking to herself – “Wow fail Abbey, that was smart.”

Niall picked it up and handed it back to Abbey

“You kind of dropped this.” –Niall said laughing

“Oh yeah, I am such a clumsy person.” –Abbey said laughing nervously

“That’s ok I am too.” –Niall

“Hey I was wondering we have a football game Monday and I was wondering if you wanted to come and watch me and the lads play?” –Niall

“Sure I would love to I will be cheering on the cheer squad so I will be there of course.” –Abbey

“Awesome!” –Niall

Just then the Announcer came on the speaker.

“I need Abbey of London, and Olivia of Manchester on Court 1.” –Announcer

“That’s my cue, I got to go!” –Abbey said excitedly.

“Good Luck!” –Niall

“Thanks!” –Abbey said while running off

Niall’s POV

“That was weird; Abbey doesn’t normally act like that.” –Niall

“Yeah she normally doesn’t act like this, but I know why.” –Kaylee

“And why’s that.” –Niall

“Promise me you won’t tell anyone especially Abbey she would probably kill me.” –Kaylee

“Ok I promise.” –Niall

“First I know that you like Abbey, don’t you dare deny it because Harry told me. And second Abbey does like you; I know she does because she admitted it.” –Kaylee

A smile started to form on Niall’s face. He was excited to know that and now that gives him more reason to ask her out.

“Well I think I am going to ask her out and see if she wants to go to homecoming with me.” –Niall

“Fantastic! I know she won’t say no!” –Kaylee

“Now hush the game is going to start!” –Harry

Everyone started to quiet down so that the game could commence.



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