Two Worlds One Fate

This is before One Direction became a band, it is based in London, (I know Niall is from Ireland but it was the best idea for it), it is senior year. Please read and comment! This is my first fan fiction!


19. Chapter 19

Abbey’s POV

“I can’t wait to show mom this! She is going to love it!” –I said excitedly as I was walking up to the door.

“Mom! I’m home! You have to see my dresses I bought for homecoming!” –I yelled

“I’m coming honey, bring it into the living room.” –Jennifer

I walked into the living room to see my mom sitting on the couch .

“TADA!” –I said as I pulled out the dress for the match

“Oh my goodness Abbey that is so beautiful! That color is going to be perfect on you!” –Jennifer

“Thanks mom! And here is the other one!” –I said as I showed her the second dress for the dance.

“I love this one too, it is such a cute dress! Where did you get these dresses at?” –Jennifer asked

“Oh Kaylee and the girls said they always go to this dress shop and I walked into the store and saw this dresses and immediately fell in love with them.” –I said

“That’s sweet honey!” –Jennifer

“Thanks mom!” – I said as I hugged her

Right when I hugged her we both heard a knock at the door. I immediately knew who it was. It was Niall.

“Oh I have to put these dresses away before Niall sees them! Mom can you get the door.” – I said as I tried to hurry.

“Sure Abbey, but why don’t you want to show Niall?” –Jennifer asked

“Because I don’t want him to see it because I am going to surprise him for homecoming!” –I said and I was going up the stairs.

I got up the stairs and into my room and shut the door I started to put the dresses and shoes in the closet. When I heard my mom talking to Niall.

“Oh hi Niall, are you here to see Abbey?” –Jennifer asked

“Yeah, is she home by chance?” –Niall asked

“Yes she is! She is up in her room; you can go up if you want.” –Jennifer

Thinking to myself- “Oh crap!”

As I was trying to hurry I heard a knock at the door.

“Just a minute!” –I hollered as I started a game to make it look like I have been playing and paused the game. And ran over to open the door.

“Oh hey Niall!” – I said

“Hey Abbey can I come in?” –Niall

“Sure, I was just playing some video games.” –I said

“So how was dress shopping?” –Niall asked as he sat down in my chair

“Really well actually, have you got your tuxedo yet?” –I asked

“Yeah I just got mine, so do I get to see your dress?” –Niall asked

“I would love to, but I am going to have to say no, because I want to surprise you!” –I said

“Oh I see how it is.” –Niall said jokingly

“Sorry I really want to show you, but Kaylee recommended that I surprise you.” –I said

“Well I will be surprised even if you show me, because of how beautiful you are!” –Niall

“Aww you are so sweet! But I am still not going to show you!” –I said laughing

“Oh come please, I want to make sure I don’t get a weird color tie that won’t go with your dress.” –Niall

“Well what color is your tie?” – I asked

“I brought my tux over if you want to see it.” –Niall

“I would love to see it!” –I said

“Well it is going to cost you!” –Niall

“Oh really and what would that cost be?” –I asked

“You have to go out to dinner with me tonight!” –Niall

“Deal!” –I said as he ran out of my room to get his tuxedo.

When he was doing that I texted Kaylee.

“You realize how hard it is to not show him my dresses! He keeps asking!” –A

“You know I was joking right! Lol wow, you can show him if you want.” –K

“Are you serious! I told him I couldn’t show him because it was a surprise, and that it was your guys’ idea!” –A

“Wow, we were serious at first but we wanted to show our boyfriends so that we make sure our outfits go together.” –K

“Thanks a lot Kaylee.” –A

“I do what I must.” –K

“Lol, this is why you’re my bff, hey I got to go Niall is coming with his tux.” –A

“Kk ttyl.” –k

As  I finished texting Kaylee, Niall just walked into the room with his tuxedo.

“So what do you think?” –Niall said as he held it up next to him.

“Oh my goodness, you will look so handsome in it!” –I said

“Thanks!” –Niall

“So do you want to see my dresses, when you were at your car I texted Kaylee giving her crap, as she was like we couldn’t wait either so they all showed their boyfriends their dresses.”

“Wow, and yes I want to see your dresses! Is that why you were telling me to wait when I was knocking on your door.” –Niall

“Yeah, how did you figure that out?” –I asked laughing

“Well it was easy when I heard you hollering for your mom to answer the door, so that you could put your dresses away, and I thought it was funny that you tried to start a video to make it look like you were doing that instead of hiding the dresses.” –Niall

“Wow I feel like a fail, I was trying to be sneaky, it seems like that didn’t work.” –Abbey

“So are you going to show me the dresses?” –Niall asked

“Oh yeah sorry.” –I said as I pulled out the dresses from the match and dance.

“Wow, you are going to look beautiful in these, but you are already beautiful.” –Niall

“Aww thanks!” – I said as I hugged him

“Hey since I showed you my tux and you showed me your dresses, we should get going so we can go out to eat, and maybe we can catch a movie after.” –Niall said

“I would love that!” –I said

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