Two Worlds One Fate

This is before One Direction became a band, it is based in London, (I know Niall is from Ireland but it was the best idea for it), it is senior year. Please read and comment! This is my first fan fiction!


17. Chapter 17

Abbey’s POV

It was about 4:30 am and Abbey had to get up because of the fact that she had to be in Nottingham by 8:00 am. Abbey was finishing the final packing of her duffle bag.

“You ready to go Abbey?” –Jennifer

“Yeah I guess, thank goodness I can sleep on the way!” –I said

“Well I am going to drop you off at the school and then we will come up before your first match.” –Jennifer

“Ok, mom we better get going I have to be at the school by 5.” – I said

Abbey and her mom left the house and went up to her secondary school where she found her coach with a suburban waiting.

“Good morning Abbey, are you ready for today.” –Coach Caitlyn

“Yeah I’m ready! Where are the other girls?” –I asked

“Oh they will be here.” – Coach Caitlyn

“Ok, since I am here first can I sit up front? I really don’t like sitting in the back.” –I asked

“Sure, I don’t care.” –Coach Caitlyn

Jennifer’s POV

When Abbey got into the car, I started talking to Caitlyn.

“Abbey seems out of it today.” –Caitlyn

“Well she wanted her boyfriend to come but he has a football match in Bristol.” – I said

“Oh I completely understand that feeling, but hopefully she can still concentrate.” –Caitlyn

“Knowing my daughter, and for how long she has been playing tennis, she will do fantastic, she will completely snap out of it and be ready to play.” –Jennifer

“Ok if you say so.” –Caitlyn

As Jennifer and Caitlyn finished up talking to other girls had showed up and it was time to go. All the girls were in the car and they started to drive off. All the girls in the back were having a blast, chatting and discussing what they are wearing to homecoming. But Abbey just kind of sat there quietly, she didn’t seem to really talk to the girls so Caitlyn starting talking to Abbey.

Abbey’s POV

“So Abbey I heard you have a boyfriend! Tell me everything.” –Coach Caitlyn

“Well his name is Niall, he is probably the sweetest boy I have ever met!” –I said

“So how did you to meet?” –Caitlyn

I started to explain how me and Niall had met, and how we actually found each other again without even trying. You could tell that she thought it was so sweet.

“And did he ask you to homecoming?” –Caitlyn asked

“Yes he asked me to homecoming and he asked me to be his girlfriend at the same time!” –I said

When I said that the girls in the back wanted to hear this story of he asked me.

“Everyone quiet! I want to hear this!” –Becky

“Ok well I was cheering at the big football match against Manchester, and after we won all of us cheer leaders ran out to the field, and me and Kaylee, Eleanor, Perrie, and Rachel were wearing their jerseys, Niall thought it was cool (Remember this was before he asked me out) I thought he wouldn’t like it, but he actually did, so while me and Niall were talking Kaylee (who was also in on the plan) asked me if I wanted to go get some ice cream and I said sure. So we left and went to this cute ice cream parlor shop, and so we were eating ice cream, then Kaylee had gotten a text saying that she need to get home (she told me after this all happened that it was actually Niall telling her that the plan was ready) so Kaylee asked me if I needed a ride so I said yeah. Well she dropped me at my house, I walked in and was looking for my mom and family and I found a note saying that they had went to the store, and asked if I could start folding some laundry, so I grabbed a can of Pepsi and started walking to the living room and when I turned on the light there were tennis balls sitting on the fireplace mantle with a letter on each one and it read “Homecoming?”. After reading that I turned around to see Niall dressed up really nice, and holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Then he said “So will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend and go to homecoming with me?”  I was so excited!”

“Uh, how did he get into your house?” –Becky

“Oh that was the funny part right after I hugged him I asked him about it and he told me that he had talked to my mom and that she hadn’t left, then she came down and asked if I said yes and I did!” –I said

“Aww that is the sweetest thing I have ever heard!” –Becky

“It was probably the sweetest way to ever be asked out.” –I said

So the girls continued talking about how each of the girls got asked to homecoming. And I received a text from Niall.

It read “Good Luck today! I know you will do great! <3 –N

I replied “Thanks! And good luck to you!” –A

“Thanks, I am so bored though we are in the bus, and all the lads are just sleeping, I can’t sleep so I thought I would text you.” –N

“Yeah same here, I didn’t know if you were wake or not so I thought I would text you late but now that you are texting me I don’t mind.” –A

“Well that’s good, so what are you girls doing?” –N

“Yeah we are just how we got asked out and asked to homecoming. The girls thought yours was the sweetest.” –A

“Well I am glad your friends approve of it lol.” –N

“Yeah lol”-A

Niall and I were texting until we got to the places we had to go, and my tournament was about to start so I had to end our lovely conversation.

“Hey Niall I am sorry but I have to get going, my first match is about to start. But I will let you know how I do though! Good luck again!” –A

“Ok, well I will also let you know how we do as well! Good Luck!” –N

The day went by for what seems like forever, but in the end of the day Niall and the lads beat Bristol, and Abbey won first place, and her team over all won first place!

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