Two Worlds One Fate

This is before One Direction became a band, it is based in London, (I know Niall is from Ireland but it was the best idea for it), it is senior year. Please read and comment! This is my first fan fiction!


14. Chapter 14

Abbey’s POV

While in math class the next day Abbey and Niall were sitting next to each other of course! When the principal came on the announcements

“Hello Students, This is Mr. Walker, I have a couple of announcements to make. First of all we all know that homecoming is coming up in a month. So seniors please vote for who you would like to have for candidates. The poll is online and there are also instructions.”

While Mr. Walker continued on with the announcements Abbey started talking to Niall.

“So Niall, what are you doing today afterschool?” –I asked

“Well I have football practice, then we have musical rehearsals, but after that I don’t think I am doing anything other than homework.” –Niall

“Well I was wondering if you wanted to come over for dinner with my family tonight?” –Abbey

“Sure, I would love to!” –Niall

“Fantastic! I’m so excited and after dinner we can work on our homework, and when we get that done we could play some video games.” –Abbey

“Wait you play video games?!” –Niall asked surprised

“Well yeah, I love playing video games!” –Abbey

“What games do you play?” –Niall

“Well I play FIFA 14 and I have all the Just Dance games, and some others.” –Abbey

“No way, I love FIFA 14! I will so own you in that! And hey since our homework isn’t due until Monday maybe we could just play video games tonight.”-Niall

“Sure that should work! Just make sure you are here before 7:00, that is when we have dinner, and we wouldn’t want you to be late!” –Abbey said jokingly

“I’m never late if it involves food!” –Niall





Just then the bell rang and it was time go to go their next class. School went boring as usual, but at the end of the day principal Walker came back onto the speaker.

“Hello, this is Mr. Walker, I would like to announce this year 2013 homecoming candidates.

Rachel and Liam

Eleanor and Louis

Perrie and Zayn

Kaylee and Harry

And last but not least Abbey and Niall. Thank you, and have a nice weekend!”

Niall’s POV

They were at football practice when Liam started to speak.

“Isn’t it ironic that we are candidates with our girlfriends? It is just weird, because we were paired with them for musical and now for homecoming.” –Liam

“So are you saying that is a bad thing?” –Louis

“No, no of course not, I am just saying that it is interesting.” –Liam

“Well what probably happened was that the student council put it together so we would end up together with our girlfriends instead of with each other’s girlfriends.” –I said simply

“That would make sense, it would think it is kind of dumb if we were paired with each other’s girlfriends.” –Harry

“I would agree with that!” –Zayn

While the boys were talking, at the same time as this event Abbey was hanging out with the girls.

Abbey’s POV

“This is crazy! I can’t believe all of us are homecoming candidates!” –Eleanor

“I know I am so excited! We should go shopping together! Because we have to have a long dress from the game then we definitely need short dresses for the dance! –I said

“Yeah that sounds fantastic! Maybe we should start looking tonight after musical! –Kaylee

“I can’t tonight sorry guys! How about on Saturday?” – I asked

“Oh, so what do you have planned then?” –Rachel

“Niall is coming over for dinner tonight after musical rehearsals, and we are going to hang out.”-I said excitedly.

“Wow they grow up so fast. Don’t get too crazy tonight!” –Perrie said jokingly

“Oh come on guys, you really think I would do that!” –Abbey

“Yeah totally Abbey, you would be the first person to do that!” –Kaylee said sarcastically

“Ha ha, very funny Kaylee, actually we are just having dinner then playing some video games.” –Abbey

“Sure that is what they all say!” –Eleanor

The girls gave a group hung then left for musical rehearsals.


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