The house in the woods

Brittany Mackenzie and one direction find a house in the woods but what will happen when there are vampires living there will they face all the dares and the truth and make it out alive or will they all choose to die...


4. choices

Mary:oh look lunch has arrived

All the vampires stared at us hungrily as we all ran and locked ourselves in a room

Niall:guys what do we do

Harry:I don't know

As soon as harry said that the door nob started jiggling all us hid as a minute later the vampires came bursting in

Bob:listen carefully humans we will find you kill you an-

Holly:father let them decide

Zayn-d decide what

Rosie-you have two choices

Mary:either you can face all the dares and the truth or die right here right now

Harry:we choose truth or dare

Bob:ok let's have some fun with this

A/N hey guys sorry this is so short I will post a new chapter In a minute ❄️⛄️🌲🎅🎁🍪. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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