Justin's sister (one direction love story)

Nicole bieber is Justin bieber's sister. Niall Horan,Louis Tomlinson,Harry Styles,Zayn Malik,and Liam Payne,Carly Rae Jepsen,Ariana Grande,and Taylor Swift,Demi Lovoto,and Mariah Carey are Justin and Nicole 's friends. Nicole has a crush on Niall and Niall has a crush on Nicole but Justin doesn't know that all he thinks is that Niall will cheat on her. What do you think will happen ?By the way Justin's friends are famous.


30. Month 4 of 9

Carly's pov: wow I am now 4 months pregnant and my belly is getting bigger I have another appointment but this time the doctors coming to Nicole's house until I give birth but I'm scared that she might  come early but I have to stay clam besides I have Justin, Niall, Nicole, Destiny, and Arianna to keep me company.

Justin and I are watching our favorite  romance movie Valentine's Day Justin and I are just like Willy and Felicia they are in love just like us but they aren't married. I heard a knock on the door I looked at Justin he kissed my cheek and got up walking over to the front door. he opened the door seeing his grandma and grandpa along with Jaxson and Jasmyn he picked them up and hugged his grandparents letting them inside the house. Justin yelled,'' Nicole get down here grandma and grandpa are here with Jaxon  and Jasmyn'' as he waited for Nicole to come downstairs. Nicole and Niall  walked downstairs with Arianna and Destiny in their arms she handed Arianna to Niall then hugged her grandparents and bent down to hug her little brother and sister Diane asked,'' Nicole who are these people with you ? '' as she smiled. Nicole said,'' oh this is my husband Niall and our children Destiny and Arianna'' she looked at him. Diane said,'' nice to meet you Niall I'm Diane Justin, Jaxson, Jasmyn, and Nicole's grandmother'' as she shook his hand. Niall said,'' nice to meet you too Diane'' as he looked at Nicole. They all met the rest of the family and heard a knock on the door again Niall opened the door seeing the doctor he  showed her where Carly was the doctor said,'' nice to see you again Mrs. Bieber ready to begin'' as she looked at Carly. she shook her head and held Justin's hand the doctor plugged in her portable ultra sound machine and put goo on the camera then began to place it on Carly's belly she said,'' well Mrs. Bieber she is healthy and weighs 7 pounds 11 ounces your dew date is tomorrow can't wait congratulations again'' as she removed the camera from Carly's belly and unplugged her machine. Justin said,'' thank you again" as he shook her hand. the doctor said,'' your welcome Mr. Bieber'' as she walked to the door opening it. she walked out and Justin kissed Carly with passion he said,'' I love you sweetheart '' as he hugged her. Carly said,'' I love you too Jay'' as she kissed his cheek. (Bruce and Diane left leaving Jasmyn and Jaxon ) they all went to bed dreaming about the baby.

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