Fallen Angels

For the 3rd Advent Day treat!

"Delaney Grace Fontaine, you have been accused of murder, unlovingness, and betrayal. You have been found guilty and will now have your wings stripped of you, and sent down to Earth, where we hope you will learn to undo your wrongs. Until that time comes, you will remain there, for eternity."


3. Head Ache

After what seemed like forever at the "ER" that's what Jake called it he carried me to his car. "Let's go and get your crutches." he said. I could here the exhaustion in his voice. "Okay," I quietly replied.


"So grace where do you live?"

"Uh," Crap what do I say! "I'm actually looking for a place."

Jake sat still for a moment than replied. "I guess you can stay at my place."

"It's ok, I can manage." Wait actually I can't what was I thinking.

He laughed "No, you can't."

I was quiet the rest of the car ride. We pulled up to some apartments. When the car stopped I opened my door swung my legs around and grabbed my crutches. I got out and Jake shut my door and started walking I followed him then we came to the stairs I stopped dead in my tracks.

 Jake laughed, “Set your crutches here.”

 I did. Before I realized what he was going to do I was being carried up the stairs. He unlocked door number 37 and carried me to the couch “Thanks” I said “No problem I’m going to go get the stuff from the car.” “Okay.” I laid down on the old looking green couch. I looked around and saw a small kitchen and a door that probably led to a bedroom. I saw another door down the hall from the first that I guessed led to the bathroom. Overall it was a nice little quaint place. I heard Jake opening the door and repositioned myself to a comfier position. 

Why was Jake so nice to me? 

"Here," Jake interrupted my thought while handing me my crutches. "Hope you don't mind staying in the guest room." He added, while smiling.

"Not at all, thank you so much!" I said smiling. I lifted myself onto my crutches. He showed my to the guest room. There were pictures on the wall of him and some girl. "Who is that?" I question. He looked down as he told me about his sister Lily. 

"You would love her." He said excitedly as he pulled out his phone.

"Is it alright if she comes?" over he questioned before pressing call on his phone.

I nodded in agreement. He pressed call and walked into his messy bedroom. I continued down the hall to the guest bed room. It was a good size a dresser across from the full sized bed. I hobbled over to the bed. I attempted to sit down, but ended up falling on my butt. I laid my crutches next to me. 

Jake came out of his room and tapped on my door frame. I smiled at him, to signal him it was ok to come in. My head throbbed, "hey,"  I said while clutching my forehead. "Hey, Lily is coming for dinner." He said semi excitedly. "Yay!" I said my head hurting even more now. "I'm going to order some food, pizza ok?" He said standing up. I nodded my head. He walked out. What the heck was pizza? More importantly what was wrong with my head! It hurt. I laid down on the bed. My face became wet, I was crying. That's a first, my head kept getting worse and worse.

Jake came and stood by the doorway, "Do you like the wo---" he rushed over to my side. "Grace are you ok?!" He said concerned.

"My head." Was all I could get out.

He ran out and came in with 2 tablets and a glass of water. He instructed my to swallow them, after I did he suggested I get some rest. He turned out the lights while shutting the door behind him. "Night.'' He whispered than left. I closed my eyes and started to drift off to sleep the pain subsiding.

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