Fallen Angels

For the 3rd Advent Day treat!

"Delaney Grace Fontaine, you have been accused of murder, unlovingness, and betrayal. You have been found guilty and will now have your wings stripped of you, and sent down to Earth, where we hope you will learn to undo your wrongs. Until that time comes, you will remain there, for eternity."


2. Earth

I screamed as I fell for what seemed like forever. I tried to flap my wings, only to remember that they weren't there. Right as I thought the fall would never end, i hit something; 


 It was brown with green, pointed things coming off of it. I tried to think back to my Earth class in middle school.

 Tree! I was in a tree!

 I looked around, but all I could see was green and brown. I tried stepping on one of the "leaves" but I fell through!

 "Ahhh! OOF!!" I had landed in someone's lap.

 "Uggghhh. What the-" I looked at the boy who had spoken. He was tall and muscular with black hair flicked to the side that was covered with a black and blue striped beanie. He had on a superman shirt that matched his beanie.

 "Hey are you okay?" he asked. His contact red eyes staring at me. 

 "Umm....yea. Sorry." My voice sounded weird to me; lower pitched than it usually was. I looked down at my legs and saw that I was wearing black skinny jeans.

 "Um....actually are my legs supposed to look like that?" One was bent to the side and the other one was almost all the way twisted around. I looked up at the tree and saw that I had fallen about 20 feet. He looked down at my legs and looked like he wanted to throw up.

 "Uh...no definitely not. Here let me help take you to a hospital." He scooped me up in his muscular arms and started carrying me, out of what looked like a park to was probably the parking lot.


He eased me into the back of his old looking blue pickup. I figured blue was his favorite color. He got in the front seat and started driving.

 "Hey, I never got your name," he said, looking at me in the rearview mirror.

 "Um...I'm...I'm Gracey or Grace, if you prefer. What about you?"

 "I'm Jacob, but people call me Jake." The rest of the car ride was in silence.


When we pulled up to the hospital, Jake go out of the car and carried me into a building that had an "EMERGENCY ROOM" sign in red on it. When Jake carried me in, I saw the woman at the front desk gasp and call the doctor immediatly. She talked for a while and then put the low technology phone down. She told us to wait in 2 of the chairs. He laid me down and sat down next to my head. I looked up at him and saw that I had red and white hair. 

 When the heck did I start looking like this?

 I tried to figure out what else was different. I had a lip ring! And a nose ring! How did I not notice these? I had on knee-high black Converses with blue laces and had a bunch of bracelets, a red t-shirt that said "MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE" on it, and a black fedora on. I reached up to my right ear and felt an angel wing earring connected to a chain that went to the top of my ear.

 An Angel wing. Really?

 Overall, I liked my new look, even though it didn't fit  my personality, it made me feel like I could have a fresh start, like I could take back what I had been accused of.

 "Jake," I said, tilting my head back to look up at him.


 "What's it like here?"

 "Here? You mean Pinedale?" He asked, looking down at me.

 "Yea. That's this city right?"

 "You don't even know what city you're in?" His eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

 "Well I do now."

 "To true," he said looking back up at the door that the doctor was supposed to walk through in.

 I looked up at the door right as the doctor opened the door.

 "Ms. Grace?" she asked, looking down at her clipboard.

 "That's her," Jake said, lifting me up and carrying me through the doors.

 "Wow. What happened?" The doctor asked. I read her nametag: Claire.

 "I fell."

 "You fell?" 

 "Yea. Out of a tree."

 "Out of a tree."

 "Yea and landed on him." Jake raised his hand as I pointed to him.

 "Are you okay?" Claire asked, pinning Jake in her pointed gaze. 

"I'm fine." Jake replied.

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