Forgotten Shadows

15 year old Niessie gets a fresh new taste of reality when she discovers the "transferred Triplets" of Manchester high. Marcel,Harry,and Edward walk in to her life and after she joins the manchester mixers her life gets a bit hectic. All she knows is if 3 boys walk out of her life only one will come out but which will it be?


2. Chapter Two

I quickly brushed out my long brown hair with my fingers and rushed outside for the activities fair were hundreds of people from across the country all meet up and wave flyers all around persuading people to join there certain club.

Instantly i feel a dark glare across the school yard, its Edward following me around like a dark shadow everywhere i go.

"So innocent", he mouths to me,
taking off the leather jacket Harry wore in the morning, the tank top he wears showed off his tattoos across his chest and arms. He lets his pants sag,and pushes his curly hair back into a beanie. He walked towards me staring straight into my eyes, making me feel more violated then before.

I rushed to the nearest building before Edward could get the chance to talk to me. When i walked in, i noticed a small group of students sitting in the theater, the sign "Manchester Mixers" waved above the stage, not knowing where to run off, the student body president caught me in the act telling me to get up on the stage.

Getting stares from the students I notice Harry sitting two rows away from the front, girls surrounding him from all sides. I catch a glimpse of a smirk as soon as I step on stage.

"Come on sweetie, introduce yourself!", said the student body
president with a fake smile. I shyly walked up to the mic and said my name, looking away from the audience.

I stuttered as i tried to say my name, "N-ni-iessie". i look at the audience once again, Harry was smirking, his full attention on me.

"Welcome to the Manchester Mixers."

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