Forgotten Shadows

15 year old Niessie gets a fresh new taste of reality when she discovers the "transferred Triplets" of Manchester high. Marcel,Harry,and Edward walk in to her life and after she joins the manchester mixers her life gets a bit hectic. All she knows is if 3 boys walk out of her life only one will come out but which will it be?


1. Chapter One

I instantly spotted my group of friends from freshman year near the entrance of the enormous school, I get greeted by a dozen senior cheerleaders trying to prep all the students up, but really everyone has dreaded this day from the moment the alarm clock went off.

I quickly rush to meet my friends, were basically nothing special just the average teenage girl waiting for the day were finally free from this dictatorship. We don't classify as anything but normal semi-popular people i don't mind a bit but as soon as i walk in parents are cramped in the main office usually complaining about the same old same old, there kids getting teased or bullied by the main powers of this hell hole nothing new, but immediately i spot the new transfer students from Seaside High, I feel a deep glare from one of the three guys, covered in tattoos piercings and guyliner i feel threaten by him in a way I've never felt ,his dark green eyes catch mine and i quickly look back but cant help but stare.

"His name is Edward" a guy from the football team whispers to me, he caught me off guard causing chills up my spine.

"Rumor has it that he lost his temper in a fight and attacked three other guys leaving them in the hospital causing there whole family to move and transfer here" interested i quickly ask who those two other guys were.

My response shocked him a bit knowing I'm really not into this type of stuff being that i am stereotyped as " the quiet one who gets good grades" even though im far from it.

"There both of his twin brothers Marcel and Harry" i take a peek and see one with neatly gelled hair and thick frames completing his look with a beige sweater on top of his white polo and long khakis, we meet each others eyes making him blush a bit

I take another peek seeing a curly haired boy with eyes to die for, his look is complemented with a leather jacket on top of a white dress shirt, i notice his pants are tighter then any other boys pants,which is a nice sight to see knowing he wont sag like the rest of boy who think they have "swag" or something

I looked back at the jock who introduces himself which is strange to see a senior get along with a sophomore,

"Im Zayn" he says

I make complete eye contact with him making me blush a bit, im not the expert with guys

"Im N-niessie" i say stuttering as i wave a small goodbye as i push the theater doors forward and see bunches of people all in stands, the day I've been anticipating..Activities Fair.

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