Unexpecting this Love. (COMPLETED)

Chelsea moving to a new town. She doesn't Know anyone. But her friend Kaitlyn that came with her. When she goes to her new school, a guy becomes close to her. She does't know anything about him though. But what he doesn't know is that she has had a bad relationship with someone else. So she doesn't trust him. But the guy has had a bad impression from other people. Will they fall for eachother? Read to find out.


1. This Is Me

                        Hi I'm Chelsea Fields. I'm new here. I'm 17-years old. My mom died a year ago. So me and my best friend Kaitlyn Bullock have been living together. Me and Kaitlyn Are moving to some place called Canada. Wherever that place is. We're going to this high school called Lambert High School. People Tell Me that this school is not that good. But I also hear that there are cute boys there. Hopefully no stupid jocks or Players!! But I guess I'll have to see.

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