Unexpecting this Love. (COMPLETED)

Chelsea moving to a new town. She doesn't Know anyone. But her friend Kaitlyn that came with her. When she goes to her new school, a guy becomes close to her. She does't know anything about him though. But what he doesn't know is that she has had a bad relationship with someone else. So she doesn't trust him. But the guy has had a bad impression from other people. Will they fall for eachother? Read to find out.


6. Show Me Who You Are.

     I ran outside to see Kaitlyn waiting for me put in the parking lot. I could tell she had that where-have-you-been expression look on her face. I walked over to her.

  Kaitlyn: its about time. It sure took you long enough?

  Chelsea: sorry I said putting on  a fake smile.

  We hopped in the car. And drove off. When we arrived at our house. I jumped out and ran in. Kaitlyn followed behind me.

~Next-day ~

 I jumped out of my bed, excited for some reason I dont know why. I got dressed and headed downstairs. When I got down there I Didn't see Kaitlyn I figured that she would be still getting dressed. I waited a few minutes for her to come down. She finally came.

   Chelsea: good morning sleepy head I said while laughing as in remembering when she told me that the other day.

  Kaitlyn: Good morning to you too. She said while laughing.

  We headed for the door and walked outside to the car. While we were on our way to school all those thoughts came back to me again, but this time they were about Justin. Why would he want to get to know me? Why would he want to talk to me anyways? I shook those thoughts out of my mind. I still haven't told Kaitlyn about me and his conversation yesterday and I wasn't planning on telling her.

    We finally arrived at school. We hopped out and headed towards the door. We said our goodbyes and left. I ran in my class before the late bell ranged.

   I hurried an sat down in my seat. And as usual Justin was starring at me once again.

"Do you have a problem?" I said angrily

 Justin: oh I guess someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. He said while smirking.

  Then I heard the teachers voice telling the class to settle down and get to work. Later on the bell ranged for free period. I hurried and gathered my stuff. When I hear a girls voice behind me.

 "You should with yourself" one of the three girls said.

  "yeah you should" one of the other girls said.

 I just looked at the puzzled wondering what the heck they were talking about.

  oh I'm sorry for just barging in like this, I'm Sarah the girl said pushing her hand out for me to shake. And I'm Alexis the other girl said. And I'm Rebecca the last girl said. I just smiled at them shaking their hands.

  So what are you talking about I said looking confused.

  Sarah: Oh That boy Justin that you were talking to that sits beside you...

 I nodded my head suggesting that I knew who she was talking about.

  Sarah: Well I suggest that you stay away from that guy.

 *Why" I said

 Alexis: Because hes not that good kind of guy that he acts like he is.

 I was just sitting there trying to piece everything together that they were telling me.

 Chelsea: oh really.... what do you mean?

 Alexis: I mean as in he's been in alot of trouble this school year. He's been expelled more that 10 times. Hes been kicked out of school for drugs. He has been with almost all of these girls in this school too.

  I just sat there shocked at all of this that they were telling me. But I don't even know if any of this is true anyways. As I think I dont.....

  All I want now is to stay away from Justin. But I want him to show me who he really is inside.


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