Unexpecting this Love. (COMPLETED)

Chelsea moving to a new town. She doesn't Know anyone. But her friend Kaitlyn that came with her. When she goes to her new school, a guy becomes close to her. She does't know anything about him though. But what he doesn't know is that she has had a bad relationship with someone else. So she doesn't trust him. But the guy has had a bad impression from other people. Will they fall for eachother? Read to find out.


5. Let Me Get To Know You.

    I was walking out of the door where Justin was waiting for me. I walked right past him quickly as possible. I started walking towards my locker, when Justin was following me down the hall. I was putting stuff away so I could head out of school and meet up with Kaitlyn. I shut the door and to see Justin leaning up against the side locker.

   Chelsea: Oh Gosh you startled me!

   Justin: We'll sorry babe.

   Did he just seriously call me "babe". "Don't call me that" I said.

   Justin: why not babe?. he said getting closer to me.

   Chelsea: because Im not your "babe". I said stepping back.

   Justin: Do I make you nervous? huh?

   I suddenly feel his hot breath on my skin, giving me chills all over my body.

  Chelsea: No! Just leave me alone. I don't even know you Justin.

  Justin:  Come on babe. Just let me get to know you.

  There he goes again calling me that. when I told him not to call me that.

   Chelsea: I told you not to call me that.

   I said frustrated.

   Justin: Don't get all feisty babe.

   He said with a smirk on his face.

   I just rolled my eyes and walked away. Leaving him there alone in the empty hallway.


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